Rasbärd Longbeard was a Kanov King of the Pórfiros during the Kanovhook wars.

Due the dark legions advances over Iztah, the Polforian kanov king Rasbärd Longbeard made an alliance with the Kordor and Nurandian tribes, facing the forces of the black banner of the demons in the burned fields.

There, an army of over two hundred thousands Kanovs was defeated by the demons at Iztah in the 1.749 a.a.H in the battle of the Burned Fields, as the dark legion made an alliance with the Black dragons of Brûm.

Following the Kanov defeat in the Burned Fields, the Dark legion invaded the Polforian kanov lands in the 1752 a.a.H. Rasbärd Longbeard retreated with his forces to the swamps, fighting a series of minor battles and skirmishes. To face the guerrilla tactics of the Polforians, the demons built a series of fortresses in the swamps of Polforia, as the Dark tower of Billiboncea.

With the death of Räsgard Longbeard from sickness in his camp, a succession war began between the Polforian remnants, and a candidate supported by the Dark Legion gained the throne, ending the war of the swamps at the 1.758.

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