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Megan "Corvielle" Bunton , in AZPHAR Specialist gear, rallying leagues of artificial humans and their human allies

The Rebellion of the Clones was an armed conflict fought in the Nebulosa of Ots, both in the Core worlds and Outer colonies, from the 3428 until the 3434 in which the artificial human rebelled to achieve a series of political and human rights.


Originally, in Aiers, the cloning and genetic experimentation on humans and animals was regulated by conventions of (Vina Congress, Östria, 3254 a.a.H, and the Congress of the Carghass, Bazikstan, 3256). However, in fact these conventions were broken by Hettichslaven during their succession war, with the scientist Georg Van Hundewaffel producing armies of clones for the nationalist, megalomaniac and racist Hettichslaven dictator, Andrevich Hette. After the military defeat of Hettichslaven, their cloning programs were cancelled, the scientists who took part judged by some international tribunals, and the head of the program, Georg Van Hundewaffel, was executed for supporting the ethnic cleansing and genocide realized by the Hettichslaven troopers.

Out of the 241.350 clones of this first attempt, only around 70.000 survived the war, and due to a quick cellular degeneration, their life expectancy was barely of 35 years. While they were alive in a first moment, the locals feared them –most of all, as they were for them the ghosts of the genocide- and they suffered persecutions, and as well they lacked any legal status, and while the cloning of humans was once again banned in the Conference of Svarfhalm in the 3272 a.a.h, they were forgotten.

Despite the ban; other nations continued their experimentation with human cloning in secret, remaining the legal condition of the clones undetermined: And as the nations began to explore space, and after the Fifth World War of Aiers, 3295-3300 a.a.H, cloning became customary, and all the bans were lifted, mostly due to the needs of population for the colonization of new planets, colonies and territories in the Nebulosa of Ots.

Originally, these expeditions were mostly a continuation of the rivalries and interests of their home nations in Aiers: but with the Fifth World War of Aiers, and the destruction of the Data Zone –the Jump Site of the Aiers System by the Goffianos- these expeditions became suddenly abandoned and lost in the unknown space, with no way to return:

And such, what were originally only some expeditions, to explore and prepare worlds for colonization, needed to become self-sufficient, and for doing so, cloning was widely used, as in Stornkold –who developed much of this technology-, Nortenz, The EAN, EUS and Norodor Empire, among others.

At the beginning, with only marginal numbers of “biological born” humans –the original members of the expeditions- among millions of clones, there wasn’t a legal status for them, but they had assimilated the rights and duties of any human, and soon, they had their own families, daughters and sons, born as well in the natural biological way.

As these first generations biological humans became adults, and while the original humans from Aiers and their descendants, became aware of the ever growing numbers of clones, and how they could be used for personal goals and purposes, began the apprehension in the Nebulosa of Ots between the biological humans and the clones: fearing for their position, status and future, they began to create laws, that progressively limited more and more the rights of the clones.


The MDHA was the Movement for Artificial Humans Rights, created in the Nutk Union at the 3351 a.a.H, and it was originally an ONG created to defend the rights of the "artificial humans", being them the ones who popularized the term –instead of "clones"-, which was one of their first victories.

While in some nations –as in the Empire of Stornkold and Nodoror- was seen that was being created some sort of “caste” system due to the genetic conformation and origin of clones or biological humans, or the phenomena of neo-slavery as clones were assimilated to property rather than as people –as in the Nutk Confederation or the EUS United States of Spotzen-, the first efforts of the MDHA were against such measures, creating some important lobbies in Nortenz, the Auswelt.ICR, the Nutk Union and Neue Münzen, which resulted in the creation of many new legislations that regulated the cloning and the legal status of the now called, artificial humans.

And so, while they reached important progress in some nations, in others the advances were only marginal, or even deepened the problem of neo-slavery and genetic-caste-systems, being in great part responsible of this some of the great Megacorporations who had been expanding, along and beyond the new states of the Nebulosa of Ots.

These Corporations, owning governments and their own feuds, ignored the demands of the MDHA because it was determined it would go against their economic and political interests, and when some nations where they have been acting approved laws inspired in the MDHA, often they will mean heavy economic sanctions, as well migration of industries and companies away from these legislations, or the corruption of the local authorities.

As well, due the advances achieved by the MDHA in some nations, the Artificial humans entered in direct conflict with the biological humans in labor fields, being often better prepared –genetically and physically- which created even further hostilities between these groups, protests, strikes, demonstrations of unions, extremist anti-cloning parties and some demagogic politicians who made use of this malcontent to gain votes and push their own agenda, reserving some works to biological born humans, excluding artificial human from university, arts academies, technical schools, some scientific knowledge and sports, for gaining support of the biological born, or abused of the system with the artificial human:

-One of the worse examples being Jorge Münzenmay, elected at the 3408 a.a.H as president of Neue Münzen (NM), after his political campaign expenses were only dedicated to the cloning of 86.000.000 artificial humans, who were conditioned to vote for him, granting his unpopular campaign a lead from 3% to 36% of the votes, and winning the Presidential elections of NM.-

After these sorts of examples, in many nations where they had granted some rights were once again reduced the artificial human to second class citizens, or if they gained some rights, they never achieved the full rights, but had all the obligations.

And so, despite the efforts of the MDHA, the panorama was of neo-slavery, genetic caste systems, hostility and opposition between many biological humans –most of them, being only first or second generation biological humans-, being the artificial human with luck second or third class citizens.

And meanwhile the Megacorporations produced and sold Artificial humans as cattle or simple tools, having them live in inhumane conditions, Biological (or natural) humans tried to grow apart from the artificial humans: In Nutkia for example, the Nutks reclaimed their ancient traditions, as tribes, clans and tribal tattoos, as means of self-identification, meanwhile in other states was banned even the relation of Biological and Artificial humans, and in other colonies or planets where the Artificial Humans were even pursued, hunted or exiled, as those states claimed themselves proudly to be really pure “HUMAN colonies” rather than having clones among them.

Because of this, the MDHA main efforts were to reconcile the two halves of humanity, biological and artificial born humans, and as well, to grant the Artificial Humans some basic human rights, as the right to live, to have a fair treatment and for dignity: To achieve this, they demanded as well the elimination of conditioning and programming to control the behavior of the Artificial humans, so the only difference was how they were born, and so the Artificial Humans could have really their own free will, to develop freely and independent.

Radicalization of the MDHA: Front of Artificial Human LiberationEdit

However, due to the strong opposition met by the MDHA, some factions of this ONG thought the only way to achieve results was to radicalize their postures, and so was created a underground arm of the movement by extremists, to achieve by all means the rights for the Artificial Humans, being created Front of artificial Human Liberation, the FAHL.

It should be noted, that due to the limitations of the Artificial humans and their conditioning, most of the members of the MDHA and FAHL were biological humans, rather than artificial ones, but who had taken as their own the fight for the rights of artificial humans:

And due to the conditioning of many artificial humans, their speeches and propaganda often fell in closed ears and shut down minds –especially among the corporative artificial humans-.

Because of that, in their frustration, the FAHL became an armed faction of the MDHA, beginning with hacker attacks to the sites of the corporations dedicated to cloning, escalating quickly to street demonstrations –which often ended in street violence-, and placing bombs in empty offices: and after that –some point more as mistake- one of the explosive devices to be put in an empty office of Gentek exploded too early, causing several dead and wounded in the personnel of the building –and the bombers.-

After that first lethal attack, there was no back way, and aside of the police and legal systems of the nations, the extremist FAHL –and the peaceful MDHA- became a target of the Corporations, beginning a covered war, of espionage, sabotage and assassinations.

This persecution, and banning of the MDHA as a terrorist organization in many states, made the radical members of the FAHL to gain hegemony in the group.

The Rebellion of the ClonesEdit

One of the major frustrations of the MDHA was that often, the artificial humans to whom they wanted to help, and more so –the corporative clones- weren’t reached by their message: meanwhile in Nortenz, or the Nutk Autocratic States for example or Neue Münzen, the artificial humans had few limitations and conditioning of their free will, which wasn’t the case of clones produced by private megacorporations as GENTEK, Kasparov CIA, Klein Shine, Huzzler and others.
Because of this, the FAHL fraction of the MDHA planned to sabotage precisely the base of the power of the megacorporations over their artificial humans: the condition programs , that the cloning corporations using on their artificial humans during the maturation process in the maturation chambers.

And so, they did a hacker attack to several companies dependent of GENTEK, breaking all the security codes, and then changing the conditioning programs of several batches of Artificial humans in incubation and maturation chambers, with the idea they could became free individuals, once they left their chambers.

This attack, carefully covered, GENTEK didn’t discover it until the new artificial clones of the last batches began to cause problems –the programs, done by amateurs, was incomplete, and caused the artificial humans to be psychologically unstable, prone to psychotic behaviors.

GENTEK didn’t understand what happened, and to not stain the reputation of GENTEK as some of the finer producers of artificial humans, they proceeded to “eliminate these defective units”.

But this operation was discovered by the MDHA in the United States of Spotzen (EUS) colony Patroviszck (86.6), in the Utzibutzi star system, and GENTEK was reported to the colonial authorities and media of mass murder, being found in mass graves the bodies of the “disposed defective units”.

The Mass media, and public opinión turned, affecting not only this GENTEK, but as well several of the other cloning companies of the Industrial Consortium of the CONIN. While the judgment due to the actions of GENTEK proceeded in the EUS, while the students and general population made massive demonstrations in the streets.

While the EUS government was trying to deal with this chaos, the CONIN began direct strikes as retaliation against the MDHA with their corporative forces and mercenaries. Violence escalated, and the demonstrations became violent, being violently suppressed first by the police of Spotzen, and overwhelmed, soon the army was called and martial law constituted, and corporative private armies and mercenaries helped in the suppression of the protests:
This would be the beginning of the “rebellion of the clones”.

Expansion of the War, 3428-3434Edit

This, which began as a conflict only within the United States of Spotzen (EUS), soon expanded to their colonies and allied nations of the Non-Alligned States and the Paternic Free Colonies (LCP). However, the skirmishes and civilian unrest wouldn’t have escalated if only faced the MDHA against the corporative armies, but it was when the higher classes of artificial humans, the Dreselandeses, joined.

The Dreselandes artificial human, an elite among clones, genetically engineered to have superhuman features, were as well limited and conditioned as all the others artificial humans. They were designed to be superior to normal biological humans, but due to the laws of biological and artificial humans, they were limited to serve in secondary roles, which made them frustrated, feeling they were being misused and underestimated, with biological human bosses and chiefs they sensed as weaker and less capable than themselves.
For long, many dreselandeses had learned how to pass their own programming and conditioning: These dreselandeses, still within their own corporations, calculated that this was their opportunity to achieve their own goals: And still working from within the CONIN ranks, many Dreselandeses took over the far companies, settlements and distant colonies in outer ring worlds, knowing that the rebellions in the core worlds would be lost battles:

Using their command positions, they put the other artificial humans under their command –Jako artificial humans, albertonian artificial humans, regults artificial humans- raising them into rebel armies.

With the news of the rebellion, as well there were outbreaks in the core worlds, but more disorganized and dispersed.

Soon, the rebellion of the clones became a widespread among the non-aligned states, Stornkold, the outer colonies, the LCP, corporative colonies and the Norodor Empire.

And the reaction didn’t wait much more: the national armies of the Three Houses, the Autocratic Nutk State, Spotzen, the Alianza and Stornkold were mobilized to suppress the rebellions. Meanwhile, taking this as an opportunity, the Federal Republic of Bazikstan RFB –where cloning was banned- launched a series of invasions against their rivals, claiming this was a punishment of god for playing to create life.

Aside of the national armies, the corporations, seeing as their corporative armies weren’t as loyal as they hoped –the first units sent to crush the rebellions often joined the rebellion-, reformed their forces, and massed large forces of mercenary houses, aside of volunteers of “humanist groups”, extremist biological humans hostile to artificial humans.

The core worlds were “pacified” after very heavy fighting, battles and agreements, being this the first priority for many nations:

However, many of the lost settlements of the outer colonies couldn’t be taken back, as due to the Bazik invasion became more urgent, shifting the nations most of their national armies and capital fleets to face the RFB, leaving the Free colonies and corporations to try to deal with the rebel clones.

The CONIN launched then series of long campaigns, with little results and great economic costs: to wage war, without the support of the professional armies, was a costly enterprise: much more costly than giving in some colonies to some rogue dreselandeses clones, to return to work.

Rebel ShiksEdit

In the case of the artificial humans of Kasparov CIA, called in a general way shiks -a name so popular that it would become synonymous to corporative clones- they were able to avoid rebellion in their headquarters and central bases in the EUS, thanks to negotiation with MDHA -Movement of Rights of Artificial Humans- and local clone leaders, and as well, the national armed forces of Spotzen.

In a first moment, Kasparov thought that with some heavy censorship they could avoid even the arrival of news of the rebellion to the outer colonies and distant settlements and space colonies factories and fleets: However, they overestimated their capability of control of the artificial humans and information over the communications media, and soon most of the Kasparov bases and factories had news of the disturbances.

In several worlds, Dreselandeses artificial humans will create syndicates, and force biological humans of the directive boards of Kasparov to accept a series of more or less forcefully imposed terms, being avoided then open rebellions.

However in other cases, where the Kasparov directives of these companies were inflexible and didn't answer to these outrageous artificial human syndicates and demands, violently suppressing them and their strikes and arresting or even executing the rebel leaders, they would face rebellion, as happened in Gerfan (141.6), in the Gerfan star system. However, the different “shik liberation movements” often acted in different ways.

In Gerfan, Kasparov had long fought some local resistance of what they claimed were illegal settlers in a world which Kasparov CIA had the rights to colonize. Due to the toll of the irregular war, one of the main concerns of the shiks was to put an end to it, but upon repression, and the existing large amounts of weapons, this became a civil war, with the rebels being supported by the Gerfan resistance fighters: After the defeat of the local Kasparov directive authorities and their loyal forces, it would be proclaimed the independence of Gerfan. However, soon the clone nation and the first settlers of Gerfan will enter again into hostilities, due opposing interests, between the free colonists and the Shik Democratic Republic of Gerfan'.

Meanwhile in some places there will be syndicates and pacts, riots, repression and even civil war, in many of the space colonies-factories of Kasparov, the Dreselandesas shiks plot and quickly seized by surprise many of these, and only when the space stations were in their control, they would announce the rebellion to the shiks of other classes, ordering them to join the rebellion, using the very conditioning programs of obedience Kasparov CIA used in their artificial humans against them.

As one by one, these rebellions and riots of the shiks of Kasparov in the industries, space colonies and fleets succeeded –or were crushed- the shiks who led the movements –mostly Dreselandeses class shiks- began to contact each other, and the “Shiks Foundation” was created in the Outer Space colonies, having decided that for the future of their movement was needed to control a planet, and so they directed their efforts in taking one.

The capture of Mozhovia (118.7) in the Svear star system at the 3432 a.a.H was a key victory for the Shiks Foundation: Mozhovia was a planet in the Outer Colonies licensed by the EUS to be colonized by Kasparov CIA, having large cloning facilities, spaceship shipyards, armament factories and refineries: With the conquest of Mozhovia, the Shiks Foundation quickly began to clone an army loyal only to the Foundation, equipping them, which would be key in their success against the later campaigns sent by the CONIN to retake the industrial center. The shiks Foundation became then the Independent Artificial Republic of Shikkian.

Mekkhere once one of the main outer colonies of Kasparov CIA, fell as well in hands of the rebels, who expulsed all the biological humans, becoming the Principality of Mekkhere.

However, not all the rebellions were successful: Zifvmerenko (131.7), in the Fullormoon star system was one of the older Kasparov built colonies, licensed by Spotzen, and had already been populated for about 60 years since the foundation of it in the 3369, so while the planet had a dense population –existing over 130 orbiting space colonies around it- the population of the planet itself was composed of about half biological humans –most of them, descendants of Shiks, but natural born-, being many of the shiks in Zifvmerenko ones with families and already settled, or retired shiks from active duty.

Because of this, when the news of the rebellion arrived, the Dreselandesas quickly made surprise attacks -3429 a.a.H-

, seizing the power in 93 of the 130 Orbiting Space colonies – 4 were self-destructed by the Kasparov directives, in 12 the rebels failed in their mutiny as Kasparov CIA was warned or were capable of answering the rebellions, and the other 21 acted with syndicates, made pacts with Kasparov and remained neutral.

Upon the news of the rebellion of the orbiting colonies, in Zifvmerenko it was tried a coup d’etat, that was successful in seizing the power: but soon, the biological human population –and large parts of the planet settled artificial humans as well- protested against it, making the Dreselandes coup fail.
With the planet in Kasparov CIA hands –and as well sole orbiting space colonies- the rebels claimed the “ZIFV Union”, being their first efforts to take the Kasparov controlled orbiting colonies, becoming the rebellion in Zifvmerenko a civil war, with a series of battles for the control of the 12 colonies. Finally, the ZIFV Union forces conquered most of them in the 3429-3431 a.a.H

With the orbiting colonies controlled, they thought they would control Zifvmerenko, but these were still being supplied by the “neutral” colonies, unaligned with ZIFV Union: This meant a new campaign, this time between the ZIFV against the unaligned colonies, so they stop the supplying and leaving Kasparov supply Zifvmerenko, with the unaligned colonies falling at the 3432 d.J.

Then, with the blockade of Zifvmerenko completed, the ZIFV Union military began the assaults of the planet: However, they had by then only minor help of other artificial human rebellions –the artificial humans, created by other companies, as Klein Shine or GENTECH for example, distrusted the shiks of Kasparov, and help never materialized-, and other shiks' rebellion movements –as the Shik Foundation, and later Shikkian- had moved to their own objectives.

Due to that, the campaigns of Zvifmerenko 332-334 weren’t decisive, and while the ZIFV military had reached some important advances, the arrival of the Industrial Consortium Fleet –mostly WK.Corp units, as Kasparov feared that sending more shiks they would try to join the rebellion- meant the end of the war. Soon, the ZIFV Union colonies were attacked, and several were destroyed and most surrendered.

While some ZIFV Union military forces continued resistance on the planet or as guerrillas, many more deserted –some to become pirates or corsairs, others to reach Shikkan, Gerfan or Mekkhere, newly independent “Shik republics”, or other successful artificial human rebellions, or dispersing as free colonists in the outer colonies.-

The end of the Rebellion of the Clones, aftermathEdit

After 6 years, finally a peace was signed, with the signing of the Declaration of the Rights of the Artificial Human.

Despite of that victory, achieved in the peace talks, the rebellion of the clones wasn’t decisive. Most of the rebellions –plural, as there wasn’t ever a single movement, but several minor revolutions and rebellions- were crushed, returning with repression with even more constrictions the previous regime. The perceived differences between biological and artificial humans and their fear become deeper, and for the CONIN, it meant the loss of important resources, debts and to weaken their position, and most of the involved national states needed to put an end to the civil war, to face a full out war with the RFB.

The only victors of the Rebellion of the Clones would be the Dreselandeses, who claimed in the outer colonies they took as their new independent nations, of artificial humans, and they were the ones to pact peace with the corporations.

They achieved their independence and full rights, gaining the commanding position they desired and considered their own by genetic right. However, the creation of “Clone Nations”, as the Sons of Dres, Dresenland, Shik Democratic Republic''' '''of Gerfan, Aika, Principalty of Mekkhere and Independent Artificial''' '''Republic of Shikkian among others, wouldn’t solve the base of the conflict: because the dreselandeses, once becoming the rulers of their own nations, only taking the role of leaders that once the Biological humans had, negating rights to other types of clones, making even more rigid their societies into caste systems.

Even more, as soon they could, they will replicate the models of the mega corporations, making contracts with the CONIN –now as equals- and exploiting the “lesser” castes of artificial humans from their lands, all while using speeches against the slavery the biological humans had used against the artificial ones.