The County of Reivelin was one of the realms of the Outregam, during the Middle Human Age, being a vassal of the Kingdom of Avaynti. It was a human, high and grey elven colony set in Polforia after the First War of the Power, as part of the colonization efforts to civilize the former demonic lands.

Aside of the settlement of north western Human and Grey elfs, along with some Ushaerian High elves, in Reivelin were to be conquered and resettled demon-worshipper humans such as the Kdaimons and Blood elfs, who were seen as corrupted by the demons but salvageable: The Demon Servers were resettled in mixed settlements with the colonists, but often in a subsidiary role as servants and serfs of the settlers, as it was seen that as the settlers were saving their souls from the demons, they had to repay with service:

This will cause some internal conflict in the rural colony.

This will change and condition in part the society and culture of Reivelin, lacking the more strong elements of holy warrior states that other Outregam states will have.

It was among the last surviving colonies of the Polforian colonization attempt, before it was destroyed by raids of Red orcs (Brûmer Orcs) of Brûm, and of Werewolfs of Mondwargh and the White Fang specifically in the decades of the 2380's-2390's a.a.H, with pockets of survivors as slaves or who finally migrated out of Polforia.

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