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Rhea Dahl'Arak accepts the surrender of the acting head of the Populist forces, Ver'acea Paen'Dhirra at the end of the fighting of the Dahl'Arak Coup

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Young Rhea received much praise and support from her older sister Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak as opposed to their distant mother. In the background are a very young Dobeshae Ven'Lark and Xuunera Lo'Kee who are impressed with Rhea's prowess as a young fighter

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Left to Right: Great Uncle Nalfeim, Laeh'le, and Rhea

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Rhea doing remedial battlefield training for her younger sister Laeh'le Dahl'Arak. The Drow Trio and Achie Ach'hast in the background on the battlefield

Rhea Dahl'Arak (Depths of Arak, 2336 a.a.H -  ?) was an Acolyte of Negeé and officer of Negeémiliel. The second daughter of Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, she was a member of House Dahl'Arak. A successful, confident and ambitious woman, she achieved a relatively high rank at an early age.

Attributes Edit

  • Martial artist
  • Assertive
  • Confident
  • Ambitious
  • Noted Trainer
  • Tall and Strong
  • Athletic

Biography Edit

Early Edit

Father Edit

After the assassination of Danieh'le Dahl'Arak's first mate, she seemed to have no care for any of her known future lovers. Her four known pregnancies being of different men. The father of Rhea is unknown, although as Rhea is very tall and powerfully built, it would seem that her father might have been an uncommonly large and strong drow male. This is especially questioned in that most of the Dahl'Arak's are average or petite. There has been some speculation if Rhea's father was actually a drow, or perhaps was a Cavrest drow?

Childhood Edit

As a child, Rhea could scarcely wait to grow up, a little girl role playing with her older sister Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak and dressing up as an Acolyte before she entered the Academy.

Academy Edit

The Academy is a tough place, that can be brutal for the meek and withdrawn, encouraging personal strength, aggression and teamwork. Confident and extroverted, Rhea had no known difficulties in thriving in the competitive social environment. Indeed, she was a leader and an informal school hero to the younger Initiated girls.

How well she dealt with scholastic and the political subtleties of the school is unknown, but based on her rise, these challenges clearly weren't insurmountable for her. But she was fortunate in having Shi'Nill as a friendly big sister giving her emotional support and scholastic tutoring when at home or when Shi'Nill was available.

Circumstantial evidence would suggest that Rhea must have done quite well in the Academy for becoming a young instructor as a young graduate.

Academy Trainer Edit

Rhea seems to be have an ongoing, alternating duty as an Academy instructor while being an active field officer. She has taken part in field training exercises of senior Initiated for many years, and has been seen in Academy training grounds as well, training students in martial arts.

Field Officer Edit

Very little is known of Rhea's career, although she seems to have had a meteoric rise as it is believed that she has reached a rank of a major as of 2428 a.a.H. In all probability, she ahs served in most of the wars of Negeémiliel since her graduation.

It is known that she was an officer who took part in crushing Sunner drow mercenaries in the employ of the drow state of Sia'Peiran. It is believed that this event took place in 2404 a.a.H., possibly as a conspiratorial action of Sia'Peiran with Ched'Ipango as a lead-in to the Ched'ipango-Negeémiliel Drow War of 2405-2408 a.a.H.

Civil War Edit

It is not currently known how much Rhea's mother, the Leg of the Spider General Danieh'le Dahl'Arak trusted or wished to use Rhea in her actions in the Dahl'Arak Coup. Nor if Rhea was in a position in either rank or military politics where she could do much to help.

It is known that Rhea and whatever unit or division that she was part of was in the south of the metropolis, and closed in on the city after several days of fighting. The arrival of the army that Rhea was a part of signaled the end of the resistance of the Negeémi Populist Party to the governmental 'self-coup' of the conservative Negeémi Senatorial Party.

Rhea Dahl'Arak was the officer that the remaining head of the Populists, Sorceress Ver'acea Paen'Dhirra, surrendered to, marking the official end of hostilities. The two groups of acolytes joined together in bringing the chaotic city, beset with looting and almost a de-facto slave revolt. This amicable resolution a result of the dire situation of the city where both sides would suffer, and that was aided in that Rhea and Ver'acea seemed to know each other well.

Current StatusEdit

Again, despite her important role in the resolution of the political crisis, Rhea's current status is unknown. In part this is because Danieh'le Dahl'Arak seemed reluctant to rely on her two older, more capable daughters and instead placed much responsibility on Laeh'le Dahl'Arak. The mother and clan matron did not fully trust her two older daughters; it is known that Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak belongs to the most conservative, religious based wing of the Senatorial Party, based on her familiarity with Ver'acea in might be that Rhea has some Populist sympathies? Possibly, but this is only a speculation.

Speculation: It might be that Rhea might be put to work as an intermediary between the two political parties in the new government of her mother? Although, while her name might promise access, it also might deny Rhea of political credibility?

Speculation: It is not impossible on her rise and personality that Rhea has been largely career driven, but focused on her military assignments and apolitical in her actions and friendships?

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