Rocco White Fang (Mondwargh,2408 a.a.H - Degoland Pass 2440 a.a.H.)

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A werewolf of the White Fang putting on equipment. This is a werewolf hostile to Pumori who might be Rocco

Rocco White Fang is known only as a Werewolf warrior of the White Fang who led a nearly successful coup attempt against Pumori of the White Fang in an early stage of the Campaign of Sargos in the following weeks after the Fall of the Kingdom of Roccasone.


  • Large and Strong
  • Intimidating
  • Scheming Plotter
  • Opportunist
  • Skilled Fighter



Rocco was born in Mondwargh, under the rule of Hel the Oathbreaker. He was one of those werewolves who appreciated Hel's raiding ways, but chose to ignore her internal reign of terror and culling of leaders and potential rivals.

Later, after Hel was overthrown by her returning 'prodigal' daughter Freya White Fang, Rocco is believed to have been incensed by Freya's capitulation to the Kanov demands of the warlord Ruthkarnd the Bear. To many members of the White Fang, ignorant of the realities outside their territory and believing that the White Fang werewolves were somehow a supreme power despite great declines within the clan, this accord was an anathema.


The werewolf Bree White Fang became Rocco's mate. However, she died in 2434 a.a.H. after giving birth. A surviving cub was Khogah White Fang, whom Rocco would seem to blame for the death of his mate. It is known that Khogah is Rocco's only surviving son, it is unknown if he had any surviving daughters.


Aside of his anger of the loss of Bree, Rocco might have enjoyed the battles for the unification of Mondwargh under the Confederation of Free Peoples, and the new Werewolf Council, but might have also resented the new capitulation of Freya to the demons of the Dark Legion, and their representative, Rippien Dead Moon.

But far more, he resented the rapid rise of Freya's niece, the 'cripple' half-were Pumori of the White Fang. Particularly as she appeared in 2437 with a small entourage of werewolves, former slaves of Roccasone, but they were accepted by Freya in that Pumori was the niece of Freya. Though Pumori and her werewolf friends started as omegas, but her group of several fellow omega followers that came with her from gladiatorial enslavement in the petty human kingdom of Roccasone effectively acted as aides under her, giving her surprising political power for a newcomer. He also did not like her new ideas of fighting and hunting that were counter to the 'unarmed natural strength' credo of Hel, or, in effect, often that of Freya as well.

Coup AttemptEdit

Degoland PassEdit

Rocco was a warrior selected to accompany Pumori in her fight against Roccasone. He was a warrior, and well suited for the raids and devastation that Pumori intended to unleash on the 'evil' human kingdom.

Speculation Rocco and some other malcontents might have been selected so as to eliminate their presence and threat back in White Fang territory and perhaps threatening the crippled, now Beta, Freya?

When Pumori was ordered by the demon lord Vortigern to infiltrate and set up a new slave revolt in the city of Roccasone, Pumori was absent from her war band for about two months fulfilling that mission. The White Fang continuing to raid farms and villages, and also scouting for the Dark Legion in preparation for the arrival of Dark Legion armies. Rocco might have enjoyed increased leadership in this time, and wanted more? He might also have saw this as an opportunity to prepare to unseat Pumori?


The White Fang had been ordered to take an extended break to wait for the return of Pumori and the small band of fellow werewolves that went with her to infiltrate Roccasone. They took a much needed rest in a recently abandoned monastery in an unnamed mountain valley branching off from the Degoland Pass. Although the time might have began to fuel the restlessness of the werewolves.

Pumori returned from Roccasone quite successful, and had even recovered her lost daughter Puri White Fang. However, Pumori's resolve was greatly shaken by the dreadful results of her very success. Aided by the wise woman Azik White Fang, Pumori went into a drug induced mystic dream quest into the Dreamworld for answers. The unexpected length of this sojourn at the monastery and Pumori's incapacitation led to worries and discontent in the war-pack that Rocco took advantage of.

Recruiting some discontented or young and easily swayed warriors in the group, and arranging the distraction of Pumori's strongest defenders, Rocco very nearly succeeded. He was stopped by the brave and astute interference of the Human captive, Vince White Fang and some young werewolves who learned of and opposed the plot just in time.


Pumori herself woke up from her dream state, and fought and killed Rocco, sending him falling from a high window in the Monastery.


Over a year later, in the spring of 2441 a.a.H., a 'dream-construct' of Rocco would be created by the ghost of Pumori's grandmother, Hel the Oathbreaker, to fight and torment Pumori in the Dreamworld. This was a situation of some irony, which was made more so by Pumori reasserting her power in the Dreamworld and by Hel's deficits as a leader becoming clearly apparent. The 'dream-Rocco' and other werewolves in the Dreamworld would turn against Hel and support Pumori as the better leader allowing Pumori to triumph over her dead grandmother.


Rocco White Fang is the creation of Walt-Marsters

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