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An example of the elf category Rossnes, not all Rossnes elves were very light skinned

The Rossnes race is a grouping of elven beings historically regarded as a bilogical taxon, including some or all of the light elven populations of Aels, north Zarhuy, Western Hieyoks, Central Hieyoks and Ushaenor. The term has been used in biological anthropology for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.

First introduced in early racial science and anthropometry, the term denoted one of the six purported major races (Rossnes, Zuleis, Verdennos, Wollumis, Neroz and Anqueae) of Elfkind.

In an historic sense, Rossnes it's used to identify the prehistoric group of the pink elves, who due to migrations and settling in different areas, divided into three main groups: The High elves, Hebonnor, and Sylvan elf folk. Many other peoples have blood connections to the Rossnes elves from prehistory, and many historical elves have connections to the colonialism of the High elf Empire of Whide Axis.


A kind of elf of tan to pink skin tones. "Rossnes" are so called from "rose" from the group often having a reddish tone to their skin as opposed to milky white, light blues and light greys of other elves that might technically have very light skins such as the milky white or light bluish Anqueael Elf

Rossnes, on average, are also the allest and largest of the six categories of the elves. Some Rossnes races, and individuals of course, were more tall and heavier than others, there would be considerable variation between the various Rossnes groups in height and body build.

Due migrations, the Rossnes will be divided in two main branches: in principle, these groups of elves self-identified themselves with their habitat -wood elves, marsh elves, prairies elves-, and only later will develope more distinctive racial identities.

Ushaenari Rossnes Edit

The Ushaenor Rossnes was a group for Rossnes elves who migrated from the original elven lands in Polforia, across Hieyoks to settle in Ushaenor. There, they will enter contact with the Hake, and will began to denominate themselves High elves, in contrast to the smaller Hakes -but later, this denomination wasn't anymore only limited to a physical trait, but due a perceived superiority, material, cultural and racial.

They would later rule most of Ushaenor and would colonize and rule great swaths of Aels, Zarhuy, and Hieyoks. Their colonization efforts would propel them to overcome the more established Zuleis nations of the Hake and Flairie.

Aelian Rossnes Edit

The Aelian rossnes where the Rossnes that remained in the ancient craddle of Polforia, until the migration of Wollumis and Neroz elven groups, which forced many Rossnes to abandone Polforia, being divided the Aelian Rossnes in two groups:

The western and eastern rossnes.

The Western Rossnes, that settled in western Aels, from Navaa to Gadolina. They remained nomads until the wars against the Empire of Drow. Afterward, they will become sedentary, being one of their most powerful nations the Empire of Aiesec -and argueabily, the Empire of Malvor-. Later, with the invasion of the High Elves, they will be either acultured as ushaenari or pushed eastward, to the mountain ranges. From the western Rossnes originate the Hebonnor.

The Eastern Rossnes remained for longer in Polforia -some Rossnes groups never left-, and only slowly, due the migration of Wollumis and Neroz dark elves, they will settle along the eastern lands of Aels, and as well, in the Tok sea shores of Hieyoks. While they knew an era of expansion, when they will found empires as Montthafen and -argueabily- Malvor, their expansion will be cut short by the High Elf imperialism. With their great nations destroyed, they refugeed in the great woods of Aels as Nubla and Bierteno, becoming the Sylvan elfs.

Types of Rossnes Edit

The original self-definition of the Rossnes elves was by their habitat: because of this, not necessarily groups that shared a name where culturally related, and sometimes they changed their denominations. Among some other groups there where:

  • Valley elves, who lived in the valleys and fertile lowlands.
  • Mountain elves, who lived in the mountains and mountain valleys.
  • Sea elves, who lived by the shores of the sea.
  • Snow elves, who lived in the far north, near or within the artic circle, or in the highest mountains.
  • Marsh and swamp elves, who lived in swamp areas.
  • Prairie elves, who lived in the steppes.
  • Sand Elves, who lived in the deserts.
  • Wood or Silvan elves, who lived in the forests.

While they never fully abandoned this denomination originated from place, some elven groups would later develope more distinctive ethnic differentiations

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