The Kingdom of Ruhenia (Cyrvian: Königreich Ruhenia, alternatively as well known as Christophenia, Christopherian Kingdom or the Christopherian Kingdom of Ruhenia)is a country in Aels. It is a constitutional Kingdom, that during its history has gone from a unitary absolute monarchy to a federal constitutional monarchy. The country is situated in Western and Central Aels, where it is bordered by Motzabili, to the southeast, Anglasecuarnia to the southwest, Alailë to the west, Cyrvia to the north and Calintropia to the east.

Ruhenia is a landlocked country in a mountanous area and plateau. 

The Kingdom of Ruhenia was established during the Anglasecuarnian Wars (3.139 - 3.155 a.a.H), when it proclaimed independence from the Calintropian Empire, being officially recognized their independence at the peace treaties that ended the Anglasecuarnian War. 

The country will clash since early on with their neighbors of Motzabili, the Gastronomic Empire, Alailë, Cyrvia and Anglasecuarnia, fighting in the first decades of its existence all of their neighbours in sucessive wars and skirmishes, until their mainland territory was conquered by the Gastronomic Empire in the Second Wilzcroiser War (3.195 a.a.H): However, as they had seized the ignacian colony of Foncipoti in the Mercanian archipelago, the Kingdom will continue in existence, continuing with an aggressive expansionist policy, aimed to claim back their homeland, achieved at the 3224 a.a.H.

Originally a middle power, their aggressive international policy and alliances system will bring Ruhenia and their possessions to a role of a major power by the 3250 up to the 3300, later fading back again to a role of a middle power as it abandoned the colonial, expansionist policies and other traditional main powers returned, displacing Ruhenia.

Ruhenia ranks high in several metrics of national performance, including government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic competitiveness, and human development. It has the highest nominal wealth per adult (financial and non-financial assets) and eighth-highest per capita gross domestic product. 

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Christopherian Kingdom of Ruhenia[edit | edit source]

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