Saahdons Rivers Southwestern Zarhuy by Shabazik

The River System of the Shaa River, the Antorian River, and the Saahdons

The Saahdons is a vast swamp in south western Zarhuy formed amidst a great delta land formed by the retention of the waters of the mighty Shaa River spreading out and slowly being pushed out into the Alan Ocean.

Also known as the Shaadons or Shaadoons.


The SwampEdit

The Shaa River drains much water from the interior of Zarhuy, somewhat ironically as much of the interior is arid, and the Shaa flows through much of the arid plains of Antor. As it empties into a wide, flat land heading towards the sea, the river widens out to kilometers in width and slows down, forming a swamp of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. It is an area of water dotted with millions of sandbars, muddy islets and islands.

Adding to this, are the drainage of the wet highlands of Viborg and the Zul Mountains to the north which greatly contributes to the water in the Saahdons, and causes the Shaa River to 'back up', retaining water in the east, slowing the river down, and widening it greatly. Hence, the Saadons extends as far east as the confluence of the Shaa River and Antorian River hundreds of kilometers to the east of the coast, and runs west to the immense and broad delta land at the west coast of the continent.


Frog PeopleEdit

While many of the Saadons islands are stable, many are not, water-loving trees and grasses might well emerge from unsafe ground which will swallow the unwary. The swamp is also named for the Saah, amphibious 'frog people' that have little need to fear the water or the mud. They are seen as a great danger for their carnivorous and alien nature, and drugged darts, and are known to sometimes kill and consume travelers in their swamp. But while large numbers of Saah exist in the interior of the swamp, they feed generally on invertebrates, fish, amphibians and fruits and aren't commonly seen and pose less danger than the natural environment.

Size and Natural BarriersEdit

The sheer vastness of the swamp and the potential for death by quicksand, or running aground on sandbars or mudflats is a real concern for any travelers into the Saahdons as darkness of night could make this happen. Even getting confused and lost in the swamp is a real possibility as the river seems to scarcely flow and there might be few distinctive landmarks amidst swamp reeds and copses of trees. It wasn't difficult to lose a frame of reference when trying to navigate the swamp as days might pass, and progress might be variable.

Other InhabitantsEdit

Mourlicoun elves are also believed to inhabit parts of the swamp, but they pose little threat. It's not unlikely that Fairy elves, the "pygmy elves" live there as well. Most elves, and orcs and ogres, even 'savage' ones accustomed to jungles, live in the vast Viborg jungles and forests to the north. Most other humanoids going through are transitory, taking river boats and canoes down the delta to reach certain trading ports such as Kumanadi.

Most elves and any other races that inhabit the swamp tend to do so along the periphery, which is more likely to have safer ground or larger river islands capable of supporting construction. Many who try find that their homes are transitory things, river people tend to come and go along with the changing river and shifting tides. It is somewhere in the periphery zone, that the White Hermit, Belád Bonceduil, makes his home and has his famed forge. His island is not in easy reach, but he still receives visitors.

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