The Sand Beings were mysterious, powerful creatures that inhabited the Desert of Death, guardians of forgotten secrets.

The most powerful entities of Aiers they were described as amorphous sand storms or whirlwind columns, who could vary their size: However, accounts of witnesses said that there could be seen yellow glowing eyes, and that something was within the sand, which originated the idea of these storms being some sort of conscious entities.

They first appeared after the Fall of Eden.

There were identified 42 Sand Beings, who destroyed anybody who ventured into the boundaries of the Desert of Death: only twice did they leave the Desert of Death in Aels: At the Battle of the plains of Sargos, under the command of the Anonymous Prophet, and after The Cataclysm was triggered, when they abandoned the Desert of Death of Aels, moving to Zarhuy, where their presence will result of a new desert of Death in Zarhuy.

Only once it's registered the Sand Beings let somebody enter what they guarded, when humans marched with the Holy Relic of Eden into the Desert of Death of Aels, to the Death Spire, triggering The Cataclysm.

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