Sao Azil, officially the GOFFY Republic of Sao Azil (Repu'blica Goffyana do Sao Azil), is the largest country in both Southern Ushaenor and the Lataverican region.

Bounded by the Alan Ocean on the east, Sao Azil have a large coastline. It borders all other South Ushaenor countries except Licuador, Erú and Soldarmia. It's M'adhai basin includes a vast tropical forest, home to diverse wildlife, a variety of ecological systems, and extensive natural resources spanning numerous protected habitats.

The Empire of Sao Azil will come to be after The Cataclysm, and will become a Republic in the 3239 a.a.H, finally becoming a GOFFY republic at the 3280.

Sao Azil is a regional power in the Lataverican region and a middle power in international affairs: Despise their size and strenght, it's shadowed by Gofondria by the role of the later as leader of the GOFFY nations.


The territory where will span Sao Azil was inhabited for long by Hake Dark elves, cradle to some of the greater realms of the Hake Empire, and after the Elf wars, of the High Elven Kingdom of M'Adhai. During the Age of Invasions, Ushavericans of the Lataverican groups will land on the shores of M'adhai around the end of the V and early VI Century: as they landed in Ushaenor there was still as a significative power within the continent the High Elven Empire of Whide Axis. At first, some Latavericans groups where accepted to settle by the High Elves, who hoped for more workforce for their empire -and to use them as well, against other humans groups who may migrate after them-: but as the numbers of the Latavericans humans began to grow, the high elves of M'adhai began to besuspicious of them: and so, they forced most of the humans to the now deserted borderlands:

The once rich lands, that after the Elfic Wars between the High Elves and Hake Dark elves had remained deserted: As vassals of the Whide Axis, the Latavericans where to keep far away, with jungles, steppes, deserts and mountains away from the elven cities: And as well, to serve as a buffer state from the remnants of the once strong empire: the remaining Hake  kingdoms, who resisted until then all the High Elven campaigns: And so where settled the humans in Exemig, Humaid and Kopeng.

Far away from the High Elves, the vassals slowly became more independent, and the distant High Elven Emperor, just a nominal power, as the nations of mankind of the Latavericans raised and fell along the centuries: When finally after the First War of the Power the Emperor of the Whide Axis dissapeared, almost all apparience of subyugation to the high elves dissapeared.

The Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov will found later factories and colonies on the shoreline, which will further weaken the grip of the southern high elven kingdoms of the Whide Axis over the humans, as where comformed fourtheen human kingdoms:

However, it would be only after The Cataclysm that the fourtheen human kingdoms of M'Adhai will come to form the Empire of Sao Azil.

For long, the Soldarmian and Sao Azilian Empires will contest for the southern Ushaverican hegemony fighting across Humaid, Silveria and Gofondria, until the rise of the Silverian Empire will change the regional power balance, becoming a three sided conflict.

Sao Azil will enter -as Silveria before- in the personal union of the JPM, until the Anglasecuarnian Wars, when the union will shatter: While Silveria abandoned the union inmeidatly afterwards, Sao Azil will only abandone the JPM at the 3189 a.a.H, as a result of the Juanpableiro-Degolandesa war, when the Empire of Sao Aziil regained it's independence as a unitary state governed unbder a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system. The country became a presidential republic at the 3239 a.a.H, when a military coup d'etat proclaimed the Republic, as a result of the catastrophe that was consdiered for the empire the loss of Gofondria to the GOFFY guerrillas.

At the 3280 a.a.H, GOFFY Guerrilals will seize power of Sao Azil, making it into a Goffyan Republic, being the country for long ruled by a series of authoritarian military juntas, dictators and populist demagogic politicians.

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