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The mountains and passes of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest

Sargos Pass is a gap in the Angards, a mountain range in Aels, that allows access between the kingdoms of Sargos, Huncle, and La Cruz. The pass has been of vital importance many times in war and peace.



The Sargos Pass divides the mountain range known as the Angards into the North and South Angards, in a gap of true mountains of an estimated 30 kilometers. The Principality known as Karentia is located on the south side of the Pass in the highlands that 'turns the corner' around the most northerly of the peaks of the South Angards. The South Angards are also popularly called the Karentian Mountains as a result, and to distinguish them from the North Angards which ran east to west before joining onto the Dargoina Mountains.

Divides the MountainsEdit

The South Angards, or Karentian Mountains, took on a more pacified sort of settlement as they were surrounded by the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest. The North Angards that began on the north side of the pass would be more wild and bandit plagued.

Economic ImportanceEdit

The Sargos Pass is needed as it connects the Osorio Valley to the west of the Karentian Mountains into the kingdom of La Cruz or to the coast following a west flowing river. The pass also allowed access around the Angards and into the northern kingdom of Huncle. The kingdom of Sargos would find ways to benefit by dominating the Osorio Valley, the Osorio River, and using the gap in the mountains of the Sargos Pass to extend its influence to the north of the pass, and along the coast. Despite being well separated from the sea until The Cataclysm, Sargos became a dominating ocean power in the world as it had control of the Osorio River, and gained control of the north coasts thanks to the Sargos Pass.

The Sargos Pass allowed the Kingdom of Sargos the best of both worlds in that it was a kingdom well defended within a huge valley protected by mountain ranges, but also had ready means to bypass those mountains.



Doubtlessly the Sargos Pass was in use in prehistory allowing ancient tribal peoples to move into and out of the northern Osorio Valley without going the long way around from the south. The length of the Osorio Valley, traders following the river, and peoples coming through the Sargos Pass from the west, and the Degoland Pass from the east through the Dargoina Mountains could 'converge' in the northern part of the valley.

Speculation: This might have helped to make the area of Lake Del Rey into a special place?

High ElvesEdit

During the colonization period of the High elves during the few centuries pre-Apparition of Humanity, the high elf colonists likely made much use of the pass as well in their conquest of the west of Aels and the Osorio Valley.


Most of two thousand years later, explorers and expeditions from Dume would begin the settlement over the ruins of a Sky Age installation set near the pass. This would be the beginnings of Karentia. The presence of the Pass would aid in its growth and development with the arrival of pilgrims and merchants. It would also help in the establishment of the Karentian Christianity and the establishment of its authority.


As the early western humans divided themselves into separate states, the mountains helped establish natural borders. But Sargos would be in a position to cheat many times due to its Pass through the mountains.


The First War of the PowerEdit

The Dark Legion of Demons would use the pass to crush the armies of the Five Kingdoms in quick succession during the First War of the Power.

The RivieriesEdit

Sargos would intimidate and wage petty wars against the Kingdom of Huncle in the post war period following the First War of the Power. The social phenomenon known as the Rivierie would cross over from Huncle to the Osorio Valley as a result this warfare. This led to class warfare and further Sargos interference into Huncle.

The Second War of the PowerEdit

The Sargos Pass would be instrumental in sending human armies and reinforcements from outside the Osorio Valley to arrive in Sargos to face down the demon invasion in the Campaign of Sargos of the Second War of the Power.

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