Satman the Apprentice (unknown date - 2535 a.a.H), as well known as Satman the Fallen was a Bazrrod demon lord, General of the Dark Legion, stateman, for long, the second of the Seven Demon Princes, lord of the Unholy mountain of Hortann and the right hand of Saatan.

He was one of the greater generals of the Dark Legion, until he attempted a coup d'etat against Saatan to take over the Dark Legion during the Second Dark Age at the 2.535 a.a.H: however he failed at this and was banquished by Saatan, becoming known as Satman the Fallen

Right Hand of SataanEdit

Master of the Unholy Mountain of HortannEdit

The Creations of SatmanEdit

Satman the Apprentice, as he builded his fortress at the top of the Unholy Mountain, wanted to develop a new race of servants, to build his halls and serve his armies.

He will create the Hattak Fauns at first, and later the Ur Dur cave goblins.

The First War of the PowerEdit

Exiled to SatanmetEdit

The Return of the Dark LegionEdit

Creation of Handore and the Zarapongo

The FallEdit

Satman, as he saw his power rise and extend his influence, he growed tired of being the Apprentice of Saatan: and so, he plained a coup d'etat in the Dark Legion, to seize power for himself.

However, his coup d'etat failed, and will be banquished by Saatan.

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