Orc Schlobohmi warrior

A Schlobohmi Orc woman from Nohalion, serving the Vanolosé trading city - state of Zannas.

A N T O R I A N  O R C, Gigas Pratum Orcii

Race: Antorian Orc



Other names: Schlobohm Orc, Schlobohmi, Northern Antorian orcs, Orcs of Niidea

Allegiance:Mercenaries of Vanolosé Trading cities, Empire of Whide Axis

The Schlobohmi Orc sare goblinoids from the Orc family.They aren't a different orc race, but they are a tribe of the Giant Orcs of the Plains of Antor, also known as the Antorian Orcs.


Like the restof the Giant orcs of Antor, they originated inthe central plains of Zarhuy: and due to the very extreme competition for water and food, this Antorian orc tribe decided to migrate to the north, crossing the desert of Bareds and Ze-berra.

In their advance, their raid was successful and crushed the weak opposition that the local forces tried to gather against them, endangering the Vanolosé orc trading cities, who after the defeat of their Unnlic mercenary armies quickly sought for a solution, to save their cities from being plundered, sacked and ravaged.

Niivea, the largest Vanolosé city, hired the orc horde as mercenaries, and gave them a province near the Straits of Demonach –from a rival Vanolosé trading republic- to their “new army”.

In that way, the Schlobohmi orc tribe settled down, and was “civilized” by the influence of the multi-cultural (and multi-speciess) Vanolosé cities:

Later, a fraction of these orcs will leave Niidea and Zarhuy for Aels,as several of their companies were hired as mercenaries by the Vanolosé Trading City of Zannas,during one civil struggle within the city:

The Scholobohmi orcs crossed the sea to Aels, but once they arrived there, they found the civil war of Zannas ended -in a rather bloodless way- and that their contractor didn't want them anymore, and not only that, wasn't going to pay them: and without contract, or money to sail back to the south, the jobless Schlobohmi mercenaries tried to assault the large walls of Zannas, without any result, so they began to wander in southern Aels, sacking and plundering:

After twenty years of this, to stop their depredations Zannas finally hired some of them: just enough to be capable of defeating the others they hadn't hired, weakened as they had less swords and hands, expulsingthem to the mountains of Nohalion.

There, the Schlobohmi settled into one or two very small villages: first they were a danger to the locals and travelers, but slowly they become more pacific-as peaceful as the other mountain clans and tribes,at least-dedicated then to trade and herding sheep, rather than to war having some trading relations with the Galaw orcs and Zannas.

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