The Second Wilzcroiser War was a war fought at the 3195 a.a.H between Christophenia, Slavkinia and Bazikstan against the Gastronomic Empire and Anglasecuarnia.

It will be a Gastronomic Empire who annexed the Kingdom of Christophenia, occupied Slavkinia and reparted the Slavkinian Zarhuycan colonies between the IG and the MW. However, the end of the war wouldn't bring peace, as guerrilla forces keep fighting in Christophenia against imperial authorities, and the Gastronomic Empire lost Mercania seized by Christophenian, who proclaimed it as the independent nation of Südchristophenia.


First Wilzcroiser War fought at the 3165 a.a.H, between the Gastronomic Empire and the kingdom of Christophenia, which will be the casus bellum, as in that war Christophenia defeated the imperial army, and occupies the border region of Wilzcroiser.           

Outbreak of the WarEdit

Ignacian invasion of Wilzcroiser, Oswald Line battles.

The Anglasecuarinian invasionEdit

Anglasecuarnia, allied with the Ignacian empire, advanced from the south, but was defeated in two mayor battles, which will effectively stop further involvement of Anglasecuarnia during the war.

Enemies in all sidesEdit

Due a secret pact with the MW and the Calintropian Empire, the IG was capable of assaulting Christophenia from all their borders, advancing to the capitol of Christophenia

The Slavkinian FrontEdit

Slavkinia, ally of Christophenia, who keep there their fleet and had bases, was invaded by the Gastronomic Empire.

Bazikstan, seeing how succesfully the Christophenian and Slavkinian where diverting ignacian forces from the War of Kagastan offered support and sended an expeditionary force

Colonial Campaign, the fall of OronbiEdit

In Zarhuy, the Ignacian invaded the Slavkinian colony of Oronbi, conquering it.

The Fall of ChristopheniaEdit

Christophenia is defeated and occupied by the Gastronomic Empire, who annex it.

Occupation of MercaniaEdit

Christophenian forces in Slavkinia launch an invasion to the Ignacian colony of Mercania, and conquer it, proclaiming the independent nation of Südchristophenia.



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