The Sementauro was a centaur and beastmen nation in central Aels during the Middle Elfic Age. It originated around the 1550 b.a.H. The nation originated in part due the clashes and trade with the Malvor, a Rossnes elven civilization, with the beast peoples adapting many of their institutions: the Sementauro confederation would be one of the first nations of the beastmen, and the first to include all sorts of beastpeople -and later elves, during its expansion.-

The Sementauro government was characterized as a meritocracy, where the power was to be vested in individuals almost exclusively based on ability and talent. 

The Sementauro confederation was expansive and competed -and incorporated- much of the former lands of the Malvor: however this will lead to a clash with the Unnline dark elves in the Unnline-Centaur war at the 1400 b.a.H, that resulted in the end of the beast men confederation by the 1200 b.a.H, but some of the tribes that had formed it would claim it continued existence at least until the 1000 b.a.H.

A Centaur Nation? Edit

In the chronicles of the Malvor -and later in the Unnline records-, the Sementauros where said to be lead by half horse creatures, which where depicted in mosaics and vases.

The presence of centaurs before the apparition of demons is used by some authors to defend the thesis of the Centaurs to be a type of beast people, rather than a demonic creation, while defenders of the thesis of the centaurs as demonic creations point out that the nation of the Sementauros was created around the fall of the Black Wizard -a disputed figure in it's own of arguable historicity-, a wizard that some claim to be either a demon or to have had demonic knowledge, being these centaurs demonic creations, but done before the proper Apparition of Demons.

Other authors, based in the lack of archeological remains of the Sementauros themselves -aside of the elven representations- claim instead the Sementauros were lead instead by Minotaur, being the centaurs depicted in vases and mosaics of elves instead mythological creatures -as unicorns and others-, or a representation of the banners of the sementaur, who used a myhological creature in their own.

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