Sergdraak captain by shabazik-d7aa0xz

A Sergdraak Captain of the Guard of the Dark Legion of Demons

SERGDRAAK, Daemonii Draaki

Race: Draak Harg

Class: Demon Server

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Demon Dragonmen, Draakhook, Black Scales

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

The Sergdraak were a race of Draak Harg -Dragonmen- bred by the Great Demon Lords of the Dark Legion to serve their purposes and be their servants.


Since the early dark Legion, many dragon men had served as mercenary soldiers, engineers and captains for the demons, but for a price. They were valuable servants, but too independent -and costly-.

After the Returning of Darkness, and with the expansion of the Second Dark Legion and during the Second War of the Power, the Sergdraak were created by the demons, mixing dragonmen (see Draak Harg) and their own demonic dark arts, to create new kinds of servants:

the Sergdraak -created by the Lizard Demon King, Sergoo- were a cunning mix of dragonmen and demon, strong and merciless, who served both as diplomatic ambassadors of the Dark Legion to their Draak Harg and Siggos allies, vassals and mercenaries, and as officers of the mercenaries and forces these allies provided.

As well, often the Sergdraak, loyal to the Dark Legion, were put in command as officers of other formations of the Dark Legion.

General Description and Use in the Dark LegionEdit

There were different castes among the Sergdraak, depending of their ancestors: there were small and light Sergdraak, descendants of Gecho -used as light infantry and skirmishers-, giant warriors descendants of Holldraak, who served as heavy and shock infantry, and the descendants of Draak Harg and Draakans, the most intelligent and cunning of their breed.

End of the SergdraakEdit

The downfall of the Sergdraak will be the same of the Dark Legion, with The Cataclysm that ended the Third War of the Power.

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