The League of Seuconia or Seuconian League was an association of Siggos and Draak Harg city-states in southern Aels, south to Iperto.

History Edit

The old cities of Seuconia: The Rule of Dragons Edit

High Elven domination Edit

Formation of the League Edit

The League was founded after the Age of Invasions, as the Draak Harg, Dragons and Siggos were able to rebel against the High Elven rule that had been imposed over them in the Late Elfic Age, being founded the league to retain their independence of foreign powers. While they were able to fend of the invasions of Kanovs and Humans, they will later fall under rule of the Librarian Empire of Dume, becoming Seuconia a province of the Empire.

During the Dumian-Demon Wars, the Seuconian will rebel in several occasions, supporting the Early Dark Legion, achieving their independence: During the following wars, the Seuconian mercenaries will be renown.

Independece that will be however short lived, as later the southern dumian empire -now called Unlic Empire of Uslen - tried to rebuild the old Dumian Empire.

The League of Seuconia Edit

The Seuconian will come to live in a modus vivendi with the Unlic, accepting hommage to the Unlic Empire, but retaining their self rule and some degree of independence.

Related with the kingdoms of the Mercanian islands, they will project their influence into Iperto, clashing with the sects of Abilia.

As a Unlic Province, Seuconia will be a battlefield during the La Cruz-Uslen wars, as the Cruzeños tried to annex the region into the Cruzeño Kingdoms of Mercania and Dumia:

As result of the war, with the weakened Cruzeños and Unlic, Seuconia will become fully independent from Uslen. Since then, they will remain fiercely independent from, their neighbors and the Dark Legion of Demons, and by the First War of the Power they intially where neutral, with Seuconian mercenaries fighting in both sides, until was apparent the Demonic victory, which made the Seuconian League join the Dark Legion -until the luck in the war turned their tide to the Whide Axis-.

the Seuconian league will remain then autonymous, playing a difficult game with the hegemonic powers of the region, accepting and breaking vassalage with Uslen and Iperto during the Middle Human age, Hortann, the Dark Legion and the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria during the Second War of the Power and later to the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov.

Culture Edit

The Seuconian will be renown as mercenaries, engineers and slavers.

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