Sew-Lee is a human who abandoned the society he has born into to live with the Ozcura Orcs.

Early Life.

Sew-Lee was born in 2367 as Soule Verald in a village in the state of Lorach, part of the Polforian States. His family, which included three older brother, worked a farm. When he matured, he applied to join and was accepted by the mercenary company the Order of the Sword, seeing that as his best option. After completing his training, he spent the next few years protecting trade caravans until a knight errant of the Order of Nortender hired him and several of his fellows to assault an Ozcura village.

Known FamilyEdit

Thanna - wife; Ozcura

Slootai - wife; Ozcura, elderly

Seria - wife; Ozcura. Thanna's age

Grink - son; Ozcura/human

Kruzh - adopted daughter; Ozcura

Bort - adopted son; Ozcura/Ur Dur

Maryse - adopted daughter; Ozcura

Sarfa - adopted daughter; Ozcura/?

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