The Shéngli Xing or Skelletea star system is the 135 star system of the nebulosa of Ots, claimed by both the EAN and the Norodor Empire. It is compossed of seven planets, of which six have permanent human settlements, due the economic and strategic interest of the rich Stornkoldio mines. The only unhabited planet, Devann, a gas giant, have permanent human settlements in it's moons.



Skelletea Star System was first explored by the Nutk Union (EUN) in the late 3360's, who did a land claim of the whole system. However, there are claims that the Nodorian Star Fleet at least once passed across the star stystem.

However, as later miner prospectors from the United States of Spotzen (EUS) discovered rich amounts of Stornkoldio mineral in the planets of the star system, minining companies and freelancers hurried to Skelletea.

As well, this interested the Norodor Empire (IMP), who will do the first permanent human settlement in Skelletea (called Shèngli Xing by the Nodorian colonial authorities) in the planet Sax-Xiao, at the 3376.

Due this, the EUN will settle their own colony on planet Skelletea.

Soon, there will be some skirmishes between the EUN and the Norodor Empire for the control of the Empire, disputes that will go unsolved and remain as tensions, with a unnoficial truce in which neither side reinforced their possition with the presence of capital fleets.

Meanwhile, the big mining megacorporations as the CONMI (Mineral Consortium), UNARCO and WK.CORP, who displaced the smaller mining companies and free lancers from the more richest mining areas.

The CorporationsEdit

Rebelion of the ClonesEdit


Conmi I, Shèngli Xing IEdit

Conmi I (135.1) is a mineral-type planet from the EAN, that was colonized by the Nortenz mining corporation CONMI, being the more populated world of the system, with over 1,700,000,000 inhabitants for the 3430's -large mayority of them, artificial human workers-, having the richer stornkoldio deposits and a large Stornkoldio processing industry

Conmi II, Shèngli Xing IIEdit

Conmi I (135.2) is a mineral-type planet from the EAN, colonized by the Nortenz mining corporation CONMI. This planet had a population of over 1,100,000,000 inhabitants for the 3430's.

UNARCO 1, Shèngli Xing IIIEdit

UNARCO 1 (135.3) is a mineratl-type planet from the EUS, colonized by the UNARCO corporation. The population was of some 264,000,000 inhabitants at the 3430's

Devann, Shèngli Xing IVEdit

Devann (135.4) is a gas-type planet from the Norodor Empire, without any permanent human settlement, but only a nodorian oribiting observation laboratory, to study it's atmosphere. However, the Third Moon of Devann, Lóngyuè, have an important settlement of around 30,000,000 inhabitants by the 3430's, according to Nodorian Imperial census aproximations.

Skellettea, Shèngli Xing VEdit

Skelletea (135.5) is a mineral-type planet from the EAN, with the presence of several mining companies that had a seat on the Corporative Parlament of the EAN, and as well, where is based the Nutk forces of the system. For the 3430's it had a population of about 93,000,000 inhabitants.

Sax-Xiao, Shèngli Xing VIEdit

Sax-Xiao (135.6) is a mineral-type planet from the Norodor Empire, and center of the colonial rule of the Empire in the Star System. In the 3430's, it had a population of 80,000,000 inhabitants.

WK.1, Shèngli Xing VIIEdit

WK.1 (135.7) is a mineral-type planet from the Norodor Empire, exploited under license by the WK.CORP. It had a population of around 83,000,000,000 inhabitants by the 3430's

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