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Mass Produced Shiks

a Shik (plural: shiks) it's an artificial human or clone, produced by Kasparov CIA.

This name was originally exclusive for the artificial humans produced by Kasparov CIA as a product trademark, but eventually became the common denomination for every artificial human done by Corporations.


The first shiks ever produced were done in the year 3347 a.a.H, in the United States of Spotzen, as an original creation of Marvla Kasparova, of Kasparov CIA.

What made the shiks original from previous Artificial humans, was basically that they were intended to be a market product: they were produced to be the workforce of the large business and corporations in their future ventures into the extensive and largely unexplored Nebulosa of Ots.

Before, the artificial humans had been largely produced in Ots -to become the basis of population of almost of all the new otsarian human states-, but they were to become citizens of said nations, and as such, they weren't seen as property, but as a human that happened to be born like a clone.

This revolutionary aspect of it -the privatization of the cloning industries, from State to private capitals- was key to the future development of the history of the Nebulosa of Ots for almost a whole century.

Categories and Classifications of ClonesEdit


These categories were originally applied to clones as produced by the pioneering mega corporation GENTEK, and have come to be applied as standard types produced by most of the producers of Artificial humans. These four categories were also applied to Shiks as produced by Kasparov CIA which with their sheer numbers of produced artificial humans influenced the industry. Indeed, the term "shik" has come to be loosely applied to most artificial humans.


Well, the shiks are also classified in:


  • Civilian
  • Military

And as well, normally they have some sort of rank:

  • A to B normally are Jako Shiks, the most basic and simple versions, though higher ranked Jako shiks exist.
  • B to C normally are Regults
  • B to D normally are Albertonian
  • C to K normally are Dreselandeses.

Then for example, there can be a Jako Military Class C. Facing a Dreselandes Civilian Class C -or two-, the military Jako will win in combat.

However, these lower dreselandes civilian models, just lack military training, and have more developed intellectual capabilities!

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