The Siege of Cargass was the main engagement of the Unlic-Blazakhovian War between the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov in Zarhuy and the Unlic Empire of Uslen. It was a siege operation, starting sometime between 2.352 and 2.353 a.a.H, and ending in spring 2.356 a.a.H with the sack and complete destruction of the city of Cargass.

Reversal of the Initial CapitulationEdit

After a Unlic army landed in Zarhuy in 2.352 a.a.H., Cargass surrendered and handed over hostages and arms. However, the Unlic demanded the complete surrender of the city, and surprisingly to the Unlic the city refused, the faction advocating submission overturned by one in favor of defense.


The Cargassi, hoping for the support of their dominions in the Hinterland of Blazakhov, manned the walls and defied the Unlic, a situation which lasted for two years.

Fall of CargassEdit

In spring 2.356 a.a.H, the Unlic broke through the city wall but they were hard-pressed to take the city. Every building, house and temple had been turned into a stronghold and every Cargassi had taken up a weapon. The Unlic were forced to move slowly, capturing the city house by house, street by street and fighting each Cargassi soldier who fought with a courage born of despair. Eventually after hours upon hours of house-to-house fighting, the surviving Cargassi surrendered. The city was then sacked and leveled.

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