The Siege of Hortann, alternatively known as the Fall of Hortann was the capture of the Fortress of Hortann, seat of power of Satman and southern capital of the Confederation of Free Peoples by the invading Expeditionary Forces of the Whide Axis from 2211 to 2214 a.a.H during the First War of the Power. The attackers were commanded by the Emperor of the Elves Altarin and took control of the demonic city after a siege of about 300 days, which was the culmination of the campaign of liberation of Uslen (2211-2212 a.a.H).

After the fall of Hortann, the Expeditionary force of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis continued their march to the north, to the demon-held lands of Polforia, leaving behind reformed Unlic imperial forces, who still had to hunt down and fight remnants of the Dark Legions up to the 2219 a.a.H.

The capture of the extensive fortress marked the end of the long rule of Satman over the unholy city, and broke the back of the war effort of the Dark Legion in Southern Aels. The conquest of Hortann dealt a massive blow to the defense of central Aels, as the elven-human armies thereafter were left unchecked to advance into Aels without an adversary to their rear (the reason why the Purpurian campaign was delayed until the final fall of Hortann.)

During the siege, the Whide Axis counted with some 134.000 warriors, while Satman counted with 33 legions (around 198.000 warriors according to the High Elves and their claimed captured records on food rations and payments on the garrison).

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