The Silver Dusk was a thieves guild based in the Kingdom of Huncle during the Middle Human Age.

Formation Edit

The exact time of when the Silver Dusk officially was founded is largely unknown; up until the Rivierie, the existence of the guild was subject of debate. However, the general consensus is that the guild had been formed some time before the revolt, as their operations during the revolt were extremely well organized and done with remarkable efficiency, something that an upstart group of thieves would not have been able to accomplish.

The Sargonic EmpireEdit

When Sargos took Huncle in as a client state in 2.260, they unwittingly opened the door for the Silver Dusk to expand their sphere of influence and business into Sargos and eventually, all across the continent of Aels. By the time the Rivierie had ended, the Silver Dusk was easily among one of the most powerful and well-connected groups in Huncle. When Sargonic Caravans and military convoys crossed the border into their new client state, they soon discovered that despite the fact they had overtaken Huncle's government, they were not in charge. While the Silver Dusk started out ambushing trade routes and Sargonic supply convoys, they slowly began to rob villages, military garrisons and trading outposts that hugged the border. By 2.262, the Silver Dusk has established an official chapter in the capitol of the Sargonic Empire and their clientele included Sargonic merchants, government officials, and even foreign diplomats representing other nations across the continent. Though despite this rapid expansion, Huncle remained as the nucleus of the Silver Dusk as a whole, maintaining stability and order to ensure the guild doesn't tear at the seams.

Services and Modus Operandi Edit

Although they largely specialized in thievery, the Silver Dusk did everything from espionage to assassinations, or basically anything involving stealth and discretion (for the right price, of course!). The Silver Dusk had a rather mercenary philosophy in regards to their operation, working only for the highest bidders, and had no concept of loyalty or honor, even going as far as betraying clients who try to cheat them out of their payment; a popular saying amongst the guild was "Chivalry and longevity don't go hand in hand." However, even just contacting the shadowy group to propose a potential job is a complicated process in of itself; some say that a potential client has be directly contacted by a representative of the Silver Dusk in order to hire their services.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Kjempe: Guildmaster of the Silver Dusk during the Rivierie
  • Emmett: Thief during the Rivierie and eventual successor to Kjempe as Guildmaster
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