Grey elf moonguard by shabazik-d5ot131

Grey elf soldier of the Moon Guard, Dol-Sorne, this Grey elf is a direct descendent of Silver Elf colonists

Silver High Elves are one of the two main categories of High elves that dominated most of the continent of Ushaenor and went on to colonize much of the world of Aiers in the centuries just prior to the coming of humans.


The distinctions between high elf societies are largely cultural. But High elves could vary markedly in appearance on such things as body height and weight, and coloration. Silver High Elves were so called in that their societies had members who most often had brown or black hair and sometimes had more dark skin. Differing clans, regions and political units such as city-states might have considerable variation of the sizes of the peoples, both within a society and between societies. Any individual Silver High elf might be quite tall, dark and strong, but petite and lighter examples were common as well.

As an example; See: M'Adhai


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A Silver Elf Lady

Silver High Elves were most often the High elves who went forth and conquered the coasts of continents beyond the 'elf continent' of Ushaenor and founded many colonies. This is largely because they were the high elf populations on Ushaenor with the most to gain, being usually from the more impoverished high elf kingdoms and territories.


It is unknown when the distinctions between High elves was made based on color of hair and skin. Possibly during the long period before the Elf wars when the high elves were scattered nomadic clans in Northeastern Ushaenor, hemmed in there by the long settled Hake elves.

Speculation: it is possible that the comparison of the smaller, blue skinned Hake people led to conscious distinctions between themselves?

The Elf WarsEdit

Silver High Elves would fight in the Elf wars in Ushaenor between the Hake Empire and the (then primitive) high elf barbarian clans. The high elf people that most often had dark hair would become the most common soldiers of the high elves and the situations would evolve to find that they would settle to the south of Ushaenor as the endless elf wars between the Hake Dark Elf people and their own developed to the benefit of the high elves in general. The Golden High Elves living in peace to the north, and the Silver High Elves living in tiny kingdoms in war-torn lands to the south, as the Hake dark elves were pushed further back.


It would be wrong to characterize the Silver High Elves as losers among the High elves, as they would win many kingdoms at the expense of the Hake Empire. Additionally, they would conquer or displace many other peoples later on in their colonizing efforts. They were winners, but they found that their gains often came at a cost of insecurity and expense that their Golden High Elf brethren didn't have to pay. Some of their lands being hard to win, but being poorer as well. As a result, many Silver High Elves would be eager or resigned to seek fortunes as soldiers and colonists on other continents during and after the Elf wars period. Probably the clear majority of the colonies founded would be done by Silver High Elves.

Even in this, though, many of the greater and long lasting colonies would still be those of the Golden High Elves. The Silver High Elves would found many colonies in the continent of Hieyoks that would face devastation as a result of the seemingly natural disasters of the First Century a.a.H.: (See: Age of Calamities) and many others that would fall in the Age of Invasions following the arrival of the Kanov and human invaders.

Ironically, the high elves would conquer and colonize most of the world's continents, only to see them slip away at the hands of a previously unknown race.

The Empire of Whide Axis and High Elf lack of cohesionEdit

M adhai harem warrior by shabazik-d5nf19b

M'Adhai Harem Warrior, an ethnicity of Silver High Elf native to central Ushaenor

Silver High Elves would never truly become a distinct race, but would nonetheless feel culturally different and disaffected of the Golden High Elves within the growing High Elf empire. Antagonism would develop as it was seen that Silver High Elves were the ones to DO, in particular, the early or dangerous work in campaigns of war or colonization, and the Golden High Elves would benefit later on. The continent of Ushaenor was the so called 'elf continent', but it would be divided by overt and subtle racial animosity between the bitter, blue skinned Hakes in south-western Ushaenor, and the various races of High elves who grew settled and distant from one another. The Silver High Elves who would often settle in some of the least valuable or more contested lands of southern and central Ushaenor, the Golden High Elves who settled mostly in north-western Ushaenor.

There were multiple ethnicities of 'sub-races' of both main groups of High Elves. One example of Silver High Elves and a kingdom they ruled was the M'Adhai elves of the central Ushaenor lowlands. It was a conquered kingdom that retained some of its Hake people and vestiges of its former structure in governance. It had large numbers of often maligned "ash elves", Darhake elf offspring of Dark and Light elf races often living within the kingdom and as a lower class in the socio-economic structure.

Negative Aspects of Cultural DivisionsEdit

These divisions would make human colonization of Ushaenor possible, and would contribute to why the Empire of Whide Axis would fail after nearly knitting together the world, beyond just the arrival of humanity.

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