Silveria, officially the Silverian Republic (Aspaniol: República Silvera) is a federal republic located in southeastern South Ushaenor. Covering an important part of the Southern Cone, it is bordered by Humaid and Engleray to the north; Sao Azil to the northeast; Muragua and the ocean to the east; Soldarmia to the west and south.

Silveria claims sovereignity over the Malvadas, Muragua, the Fadions. Exemig and Seerland, territories they have controlled in different parts of their history.

A historical and current middle power and a prominent Lataverican and southern cone regional power, they have many times contested for the hegemony of southern Ushaenor with Sao Azil, Soldarmia and Gofondria.

The earliest recorded human presence in the area now known as Silveria are around the end of the V century and early VI Century, during the Age of Invasions, where they will settle as vassals of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis. However it will be only after The Cataclysm that will rise independent and rivaling human empires -Sao Azil, Silveria and Soldarmia-.

The Kingdom of Silveria -and later Empire of Silveria- will found itself during these centuries to be a battlefield between the contesting Soldarmian and Sao Azilians, with the Empire becoming more and more decentralized, until the personal union of the throne of Silveria with the JPM, that will last until the Anglasecuarnian Wars. Afterwards, with the defeat of the JPM, Silveria will break away from the union and become the Republic of Silveria. However, the declaration and fight for independence was followed by an extended civil war, which ended with the country reorganization as a federation of provinces. Silveria enjoyed an historical increase in prosperity, but an aggressive foreign policy, wars with their neighbours for hegemonic power, territorial ambitions and playing an active role in the alliances in Aiers, it descended into political instability and suffered periodic economic crisis. These crisis will lead to further coup d'etat and changes of regime -as a GOFFY republic- or later conforming Hettichania.


Pre-human eraEdit

Before the arrival of humanity, the lands that will become Silveria will be first territories of the Hake dark elven empire -the Hake Empire, until the Elf Wars, when they will become part of the sphere of influence of the High elves and the Empire of Whide Axis.

Arrival of HumansEdit

The Latavericans arrived from Zarhuy, crossing the ocean from Viborg and landing in the shores of M'adhai around the end f the V century and early VI Century. Unlike in Aels, Zarhuy and Hieyoks, where the migrating humans encountered with weakened High Elven colonies -weakened by previous invasions, diseases and internal turmoil-, as they landed in Ushaenor there was still as a significant power within the continent the High Elven Empire of the Whide Axis.

At first, some Latavericans groups were allowed to settle by the High Elves, who hoped for more workforce for their empire -and to use them as well, against other human groups who might migrate after them-: but as the numbers of the Lataverican humans began to grow, the high elves of M'adhai began to be suspicious of them: and so, they forced most of the humans to the now deserted borderlands:

The once rich lands of southern Ushaenor after the Elfic Wars between the High Elves and Hake Dark elves had remained deserted: As vassals of the Whide Axis, the Latavericans were to serve both as a containment for the Dark elven realms that had resisted in the southeast, and as well it was a measure to keep far away, with jungles, steppes, deserts and mountains the humans from the elven cities:

They served then as buffer states from the remnants of the once strong empire: the remaining Hake kingdoms, who resisted until then all the High Elven campaigns: And so were settled the humans in Exemig, Humaid and Kopeng.

Silverian Tribes Edit

Among the Lataverican clans that settled down in Exemig, will emerge as a differentiated group during the Silverians, who according their foundational myths had as a common ancestor a demi-god they called El Diego, who hailed from even before the Sky Age according to the Silverian tribes.

In the open plains of Exemig, the Silverians will become largely semi-nomadic cattle herders: while originally they swore loyalty to the Empire of Whide Axis, as the Whidean power weakened the allegiance of the Silverian tribes began to shift from the High Elves to the Hakes, depending of the silverian tribal chieftains -caudillos- and who paid more.

Sometimes some clans and villages joined under a strong leader, but those unions didn't tend to last long, as other Lataverican nations, the elves or even their fellow Silverians will eventually take down that Caudillo warlord before he became too powerful.

Their caudillos often carried masks to battle, imitating the face of a legendary hero of the Silverians from before the Sky Age, now known only as "El Diego". No one really knows what he did, and stories vary wildly from clan to clan, but they all agree that he was important somehow.

When it came to religion, Silverians were overwhelmingly Lataverican Silverian Christian -a syncretic religion that took elements of elven cults-, but some adopted High Elven religions. The Silverian Christians prayed fervently to their patron saint, St. Pancho I. In some Silverian Clans, El Diego isn't only a hero from before the Sky Age, but as well a religious figure that sits by the side of god, being now in such role as the "Mano de Dios", the Hand of God.

Their relationship with other Lataverican humans varied, but it was usually bad, especially with the Soldarmians, who they claimed spoke an incomprehensible language. Despite that, it really varied from clan to clan, as some prefered trading to raiding and vice-versa.

The other Latavericans claimed that, although as human as anyone else, the Silverians took in a bit too much of the elvish arrogance. And they are were not completely wrong, as Silverians tended to brag about having the best riders, the best beef, the best women, etc.

During the Elven Wars, Silverian clans fought for both sides, often raiding Hake and High Elven caravans, ambushing traders or being used as a flanking force in open battles. The Hakes often employed gauchos (the Silverian horsemen, practically born in the saddle) to assault villages and take captives, then dividing the ransom between the Hakes and the raiders themselves. That practice got taken by Silverians not employed by the Hakes as well, and their malones (raids) became an increasing annoyance

Kingdom of SilveriaEdit

After the Cataclysm, the human territories of Exemig will conform the Kingdom of Silveria

Empire of SilveriaEdit

The Kingdom of Silveria will become the Empire of Silveria, a decentralized empire. However, the Silverian empire wil be war-thorn in internal wars, that gave an opportunity to intervention to Soldarmia and Sao Azil.

Personal Union with the JPMEdit

The Empire of Silveria will join the Personal Union of the JPM until the Anglasecuarnian Wars.

Republic of SilveriaEdit

After the defeat of the JPM in the anglasecuarnian wars, Silveria will leave the Personal Union and a centralist republic will be proclaimed. However, with the story of a decentralized Silverian empire, the provinces will resist the central government, which will lead to a long civil war.

Republica Goffiana de SilveriaEdit








Foreign RelationsEdit

Armed ForcesEdit




Silveria have a significant minority of elves.



Religion Edit

St. Pancho I, patron of the Silverians, and El Diego as the Hand of God

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