The Southern Drow refeers to the Drow dark elves that lived in Kazrrad, south to Demonatch, primarly under northern Zarhuy and in Hieyoks, under Farsia. The main southern drow cultures where the Hihrin, Ipangi, Kalhari, Sunner and Sia'Peiran.

History Edit

The first of the Southern Drows -the later Ched'Hihirn, Sunner, Ipangi, Kalhari and Sia'Peiran- will originate in the aftermath of the Apparition of Humanity, that was followed for about a century of catastrophic geological events that opened up vast new underground regions for exploration of the wanderers of Kazrrad: while some old systems of caverns collapsed and others became interconnected with Kazrrad, new caverns as well were created south to the depths of Satanmet.

This meant a political oportunity for the drow cities of what had become central Kazrrad with new lands to explore and settle, and while it was primarly done by Erehel-Sinu, the hegemonic drow power at the time, this enterprise was as well conducted by the Erehel southern colonies -as Ched'Nasan and Ched'Negeél, increasing the power of the Negeél drow groups along with the economical expansion, and as well gaining military experience their forces in the colonial expansion-.

Aside of the colonial ventures made by the Erehel and their southern colonies, projecting their power to the south, there would be as well private colonial ventures by drow, who wanted to escape of the sphere of influence of Erehel -be due political, religious or economical reasons-

Since the 150-200 a.a.H, the drows will advance southwards and eastwards in Southern Kazrrad -competing with the Farian Duergar first, and later clashing with southern Duergar, who were expanding northwards from their southern mines, from where they had accessed the Underworld of Kazrrad.

There would be important attempts by these early southern drows -specially, Erehel colonists- to get an important surface holdings in these new lands, but this surface expansion will be cut down by the High Elves and the migrations of the Age of Invasions, being condemned the drow to remain a race of the underworld: however, as remnant of this attempt of surface conquest, many slaves were taken -including diverse types of elves, as the High, Sand and Desert elves, along with Wollumis, who later will mix with the southern drow, producing some new ethnicities and cultural identities from the centuries of unions and lack of further contact with these surface elven groups-

These new lands and cities of the drow will suffer great from the political turmoil that caused the wars of independence of the Erehel colonies of central Kazrrad -as Ched'Nasan and Ched'Negeél, which became Negeémiliel- from the 400 to the 480 a.a.H, which resulted in a vacuum of power with the collapse of the Erehel-Sinu influence over the southern drows.

As the new independent drow powers tried to extend their influence to the south -as the foundation of the Negeémi colony of Ched'Hihrin at the 666 a.a.H-, the Erehel elites will try to resist this expansion, proclaiming the independence of their own cities -as for example, the case of Ched'Ipango at the 680-: this will follow a series of wars between the new colonial powers and the new drow states that lasted for about four centuries, until the 11 century a.a.H.

Escaping these wars, will be founded by a divine Queen the drow city state of Sia'Peiran at the 980 a.a.H

The Warring States (1000 - 1700 a.a.H) Edit

The Independence of Ched'Hirin from Negeémiliel at the 1170 a.a.H meant the end of the influence of the drow cities of central Kazrrad over the affairs of the southern drows, but didn't brought peace as Ched'Hihrin was eager to become the hegemonic power in southern Kazrrad -being marked the conflict for the wars between the Hihrins and Ipangi and their respective allies the dinamic of the next century in southern drow politics.

Many refugees, to escape these wars of what's known as the era of the warring states, will escape to found the city of Kalhari at the 1122 a.a.H.

The apparition of demons at the 1365 a.a.H not only brought a new era and will mean a challenge to humanity, but as well the demonic realms in Demontach will extend under the surface, in Kazrrad.

The demons and their cults, using dark magic to capt supporters among the drow manaá manipulating elites will make their way into drow politics, resulting in the destruction of many of the cities of northern and central Southern Kazrrad: sacked, destroyed and abandoned, with their populations dispersed, these diverse survivors are said to be the origin of the nomadic Sunner drow trives.

These wars exhausted the Hihrins and Ipango, and as the era of the drow warring states ended at the 1700 a.a.H, Sia'Peiran -once a minor colony founded in the far east of southern Kazrrad- emerged as the southern hegemonic power.

Sia'Peiran hegemony Edit

Sia'Peiran became the hegemonic drow power in southern Kazrrad, dragging many of the southern drow cities to their sphere of influence against Negeémiliel and the Duergar.

Kalhari will become vassals of Sia'Peiran during the 2000-2350, until during one of the Sia'Peiran-Negeémiliel wars, they will be conquered by Negeémiliel, until around the 2500 a.a.H.

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