The Stornkold Empire or as well the Federation of Stornkold (STORN), commonly referred to as the Stornkold, is an Empire ruled by an emperor with absolute powers, consisting in 82 planets.

 Of these 82 planets, 10 are Capital world (with a population over inhabitants), 20 main worlds (population under and over 100.000.000), 30 Colony worlds (population under 100.000.000 and over 100.000 inhabitants) and 11 colonies (worlds with permanent population under 100.000 inhabitants), having as well claims over 11 planets, most of which are of the Annasah Protectorade.

 Having a population around 54.000 million people -not counting the Annasah Protectorade population, unaccounted for-, Stornkold is the second largest human nation on population size.

The Capital World of Stornkold is the world of Las Attens (14.400.000.000 inhabitants, between the Aiers-type planet, the settled moons and space colonies), being Dressia the capitol.


The History of Stornkold begins with the space exploration of Münzen, and with the Stornkold Scientific Expedition.

Münzen will begin their space programm at the 3280 a.a.H: While they where late comers, as the space race began at the 3250 with the first space probe of Bazikstan, president Jorge Münzen will began an ambitious space program, to reach not only the worlds of near Aiers, but far beyond.

While as soon as the 3281 a.a.H Münzen Space probes explored the near space of Aiers, and where send to explore the Aiers Star System, they began building the largest space fleet and expedition until then known to Aiers.

The objective of this mission, which included the first Ark Ship of their class, was to reach the Star System of Ableen: While not the closer star to Aiers, it was the nearest one known to have planets -and a Data Zone.-.

This expedition will be known as the Expedition Stonkold, named after Erik Vad Stornkold, a sueccian explorer who discovered the Stornkold Archipielago and was the founder of the Sueccian colony of Münzen.

The Stornkold ExpeditionEdit

The Expedition Stornkold will be launched at the 1st January 3282 a.a.H. As they departed for Ableen. they will do one of the major and first landmarks of the age of space exploration: at the 3283 a.a.H, the Expedition Stornkold will found the first off-world colonies, as they colonized the seventh world of the Aiers Star System, an aiers-type planet, renaming it as Georgswelt or Jorgesworld.

After this succesful first experiment, as they leaved behind the first off-world aierian settlement, they will continue in their scientific expedition to Ableen.

At the year 3287 a.a.H, after 5 years of their journey, the Expedition Stornkold had reached what they will name as the Spramuska Star System. However, as during experiments on the Ark Ship they had used Ur Dur Goblins during their voyage, they lost control on the goblin population: and so, for over-population and resource shortage, they will be forced to make a stop in the Spramuska Star system, to replenish and to abandone the Ur Dur goblins totally: it was decided that while their possibilities of an explosive expansion of population, useful for settling new worlds, they consumed too much resources and where too dificult to control, and as well where largelly an unskilled labour force, not being at all what a space expedition of scientists and a new out-aiers settlement needed.

The next year, at chirstmas the expedition will finally arrive at the Ableen Star System, after a journey of six years, In preparation for investigation of the Data Zone, they will settle down a base in Ableen IX, the planet Ableen, colony founded the 25 December 2388 a.a.H, the first off-Aiers star system Aierian human colony.

However, soon the Expedition Stornkold will discover they weren't alone in the Ableen star system, as they make first contact with the Annash aliens in Ableen IV. Despise the initial problems and difficulties proper to a first contact with a non-Aierian specie -and as the Expedition Stornkold ignored the Pross-Aierian human contact of the 3288 a.a.H, they thought it was the first contact with aliens, it will be marked as a major historic moment.-

The encounter of human-Annash will be peaceful, and extremly positive for the Expedition Stornkold, who will have access to the advanced Annasah technology. Soon, the year 3289 a.a.H, will be founded the Federation of Stornkold, as was given a civilian government to the Münzen Off-World Colony of Ableen.

The Federation of StornkoldEdit

The Federation of Stornkold was founded at the 3289 a.a.H, as was made the first democratic elections outside of Aiers in the Aierian human recorded history, as was made a colonial government. Soon, this new political entity will make proper treaties with the Annash aliens, in which will be demarked areas of interest, reserves and boundaries, the bases for what will later become known as the Annasah Protectorade. Under such treaties, the new federation of Stornkold will colonize the planets of Ableen IX, VIII, VII, VI, V and III, which will be sometimes written as the Empire of Stornkold -but as a Colonial Empire of Münzen, as once was the imperial attempts of Münzen in Zarhuy.

As the first colonies set in Ableen where already settled , the new Federation seeked for a quick expansion of their settlements into industrial worlds , and where given orders for massive clonation programs, using the Ark Ship DNA as basis for the population, and only in years, they will have an exponential growth of population.

While the colonies quickly growth, with the help of Annash technology and discovery of new materials and extensive programs of clonation.

At the year 3295 a.a.H, the Federation of Stornkold had already seven planets and a population of 37.000.000 inhabitants, when they learnt from the Annash how to use the Data Zone space gates-

The Menace of StornkoldEdit

With the Data Zone knowledge, the gates of space where open for the Stornkold Federation, and their newly created Stornkold Imperial Fleet will begin to explore space using the Data Zone, in order to fund further new colonies and settlements in other Star Systems with Data Zone.

As well, it was seen as the opportunity to contact again their metropolis of Münzen in Aiers IV, in order to report their successes and all the learnt knowledge, to share it to the benefit of humanity.

However, as the Stornkold Imperial Fleet arrived to Aiers Star System using the Data Zone, they will soon learn as they tried to contact again other of the Off-World Münzen colonies, their fate -destroyed and ravaged at the hands of the other Space Faring Nations of Aiers-, as was the destruction of Jorgesworld as early as the 3286 a.a.H in a nuclear holocaust, and as well the fall of later colonies as the later Aldo Primo.  As well, as they tried to contact Münzen itself, they will learn how the nation was teared appart by the secession of the Amparpica at the 3288 and the ambitions of Gofondria, Bazikstan and Soldarmia, but as well how Münzen was defeated by Anuchia, and the civil war that the nation suffered.

Because of this, the military commanders of the Stornkold Imperial Fleet decided to take into their hands the situation, determined to reclaim by force not only the former Münzen off-world and Aierian territories, but as well to seize control of all the Aiers Star System, to ensure the security of the off-world colonies against the ambitions of the Aierian powers. As they send the declatation of war, the Space faring nations of Aiers will create the EEUA, the United Space States of Aiers, to fight the forces of the Stornkold Federation, beginning the Stornkold-EEUA war -3295 a.a.H-

The Stornkold Imperial Fleet was larger than the combined EEUA forces, and thanks to the Annasah, it was as well technologically superior, but unlike the EEUA forces, it wasn't actually a combat fleet, but colonial and expeditionary ships. As well, unknown to the Stornkold expeditionaries, there was an ancient animosity between the two alien races of the Pross and the Annash, animosity that the EEUA will use, making an alliance with the Pross of Ucaloimoco -Aiers I- against Stornkold.

In one of the opening battles, the Stornkold fleet will defeat the EEUA in Sergiosworld -former Jorgesworld-, and quickly they will take over Aldo Primo and Stapfiro, and advance over Arte. There, in the Battle of the Orbit of Arte, once more time the EEUA will be defeated by the Münzen colonists, being destroyed the Tomas station. In this battle, the EEUA was supported directly by the Pross, who underestimated the Stornkold capabilities -as they where human-, suffering heavy casualties as well.

It seemed like the Stornkold Imperial Fleet was unstoppable, until the Battle of the Seven Moons of Aiers, where the Space Faring Nations will be able to repel the Stornkold expeditionary forces.

While no treaty was signed, this is considered the end of the First Stornkold War or EEUA-Stornkold War of the 3295 a.a.H. While the Aierian powers where able to hold off Stornkold, they lost the colonies of Arte. [[Sergiosworld[[, Aldo Primo and Stapfiro, either captured or destroyed, and they lost most of their space combat capabilities, which explains how minor was this aspect during the Pentarchy War (3295-3300 a.a.H). The Stornkold Imperial Fleet didn't pushed further, as their expeditionary forces weren't really prepared for war, and even if they could try to make a second offensive with reinforcements from Ableen, they lacked ground forces to make a push to Aiers, and so they retreated, aside of some bases in Aldo Primo and Sergiosworld-

As the Stornkold Federation learnt from what happened in the EEUA-Stornkold War, it will began a process of militarization of the Federation, with the military class displacing largelly the politicians in many aspects. As well, under the military lead, they will began further expansion of population -using clonation-, and as well the exploration and scientific approach previously made in the Nebulosa of Ots was changed for a more colonial and imperialist approach to make colonies, to feed the giant industrial war machine that the military of Stornkold was making the Federation to become.

With this new militaristic policy, when Stornkold discovered the Auswelt.ICR at the 3297 a.a.H in the Dunkhelm Star System when using the Data Zone, they had no doubts in attacking the Ruhenian settlers, beginning the Stornkold-Ruhenian War.

After 7 years of preparation after the Battle in the Seven Moons, Stornkold will return at the 3302, beginning the Second Stornkold-EEUA War. Now, with a Federation of 24 planets and a population of 302.000.000 inhabitants and one of the largest space fleets recorded until then in aierian history, the Stornkold Münzen military leaders where sure to be able to "liberate" Aiers Star System, Münzen, and Aiers.

They will destroy the EEUA colonies in the Aiers Star System during the 3302-3303, and to culminate their victories, the generals of Stornkold attempted to invade Aiers, landing forces in several nations all over the world: but their attempts, too ambitious, failed, as while they had the technology, they spreaded their efforts too thin, and will be in numerical inferiority against the Aierian powers in the land battles. Unable to conquer by assault Aiers, having learnt that they will still need to continue to expand their population in order to over one, two or three thousand million inhabitants to field an army capable of conquering Aiers, they will began the Blockade of Aiers, in order to block the Aierian Space Faring Nations to only Aiers.

This blockade will hold from the 3303 to the 3335 a.a.H, for 32 years.

Once more time, began further plans of accelerated expansion of population by artificial means, and of colonization and industrialization. At the 3308 a.a.H Stornkold will colonize the Unterknieva Star System, and at the 3309 a.a.H other more 4 star systems.

However, during the decade of the 3310, exhaust of the rythm of expansion and militarization, there will be some civilian governments that where able to keep the leash of the military class, when they learnt about the existence of the distant binese colony in the planet Ots in the Inner Core of the Nebulosa of Ots, despise the Blockade of Aiers, there will be malcontent among the military class, who blaimed the civilians.

This will be as well related to the rise of power of the Dresic: What where once political refugees of the MW after the fall of this alliance in the Pentarchy War, who where granted refugee by Stornkold at the 3304 in an exceptional way, as was thought to use them to later desestabilize post-fourth World War of Aiers, the MWnians, as their presence became more permanent, gained increasingly influence, specially as they offered support and knowledge of Aiers to the military of Stornkold: and soon, the experienced MWnian officers raised in power.

The MWnian faction in the military will blame of this failure to the civilian government, and finally, will be made a coup d'etat at the 3319 a.a.H, and a military junta will be made to govern the Federation of Stornkold.

As soon as the 3320 a.a.H, the MWnian emigrees will completely replace from the Military Junta the Münzen elements, and will follow a change of all the upper command of the Stornkold Military, who will fall in the hands of the MWnians, followers of General Satopochino Dres -being called the Dresics-

As the Military Junta become a personal, dictatorial and totalitarian regime, at the 3322 a.a.H General Satopochino Dres will proclaim himself Emperor of Stornkold, and the Stornkold Empire.

Empire of StornkoldEdit

The newly self-proclaimed emperor Dres I will then prepare a second assault of Stornkold to Aiers, the Third Stornkold-EEUA War at the 3325 a.a.H. However, while Stornkold gathered much more numerous forces that at their first attempt, the Aierian powers had greatly developed their own technology, which while still was vastly inferior to the Stornkoldian, was able to match the one of Stornkold thanks once more time to their numeric superiority. After the defeat in Aiers -which the MWnian stornkoldian blamed the Münzen stornkoldian for-, the Blockade of Aiers was broken by the Northern Alliance and Ozeancik, which made the Stornkoldian forces to retreat from the inner orbit of Aiers to a new one in the higher Orbit.

Meanwhile, the same year the forces send by Stornkold arrived at the inner core of the Nebulosa of Ots, to the Ots Star System, planet Ots, to fight against the Binese colony in the War of Ots.

The failure of the second invasion of Aiers, and the death of Emperor Dres I, made Dres II, who distrusted the military capabilities of the Münzen, ethnic majority of Stornkold, to decide to change the "Natural limitations of the Münzen for war", ordering to his scientists the creation of what later will be known as the Dreselandes and the Albertonian artifcial humans.

Due to a leak of information, the Northern Alliance will learn at the 3330 a.a.H how to use the Data Zone -and soon, this information was stolen from them by the Ozeancik, and from the Ozean by the Gofondrian. The Blockade of Aiers will be forced to the Data Zone by the Northern Alliance 1st Fleet at the 332, and by Gofondrian blockade runners at the 3333 a.a.H:

The truth was that the Empire of Stornkold and the Emperor Dres was more focused in the internal turmoils, their supression and the instauration of a corporative-totalitarian state, rather than focusing on "aierian politics". As such, the Aierian Fleet of Stornkold that keeped the blockade will  see the blockade broen again at the 3334 a.a.H by the Northern Alliance 7th Fleet, and the following year by Ozeancik fleet blockade runners and the URCC fleet, these last attacks -and how abandoned the Aierian fleet was, where Dres II send the exiled officers to rot and be forgotten-, will leave the Stornkold Aierian fleet only to be a nominal force, as the Aierian Blockade.

And so, when at the 3335 a.a.H Gofondria attacked the Data Zone of Aiers Star System to cut the Stornkold Fleet from receiving supplies, they wouldn't be able to stop them: This will have as effect the lost of contact of Aiers with the distant colonies. This, along with the catastrophic end of the Fifth World War of Aiers at the 3336 a.a.H and the massive use of anti-technology weapons that were unleashed: As a result, most of Aiers was destroyed in an apocaliptical event, important populations were whipped out, all the advanced technology wass destroyed and rendered non-functional and a termonuclear winter covered the atmosphere: However not only Aiers was affected by this, but all the Aiers Star Syste: That meant the destruction of the Aierian Stornkold fleet that keeped the blockade of Aiers , as the colonies in the star system that needed terraformation and artificial atmospheres to survive, so only marginal populations in Jorgesworld and Aldo Primo survived.

In the following years, Stornkold sended some space probes and spaceships, but as the "anti-technology" effect remained in the space, they stopped trying to make contact. Some scanners of the space confirmed them the apocaliptical state of Aiers, and it was determined there was no survivers. -But there where, even if there will be some very difficult 17 years in Aiers-.

Stornkold continued with their clashes against the Auswelt.ICR, the RFB, Nortenz and the Norodor Empire the next decades, facing as well each time more rebellions as the grip of Emperor Dres II become more thight, and relied more on the Dreselandeses artificial humans, supressing the rights of Nutks and Anuchians -both artificial humans, or biologically born from artificial human parents-

At the 3346, their colonies in planet Ots will face a Münzen rebellion, and due the distances of this backwater colony -in relation to Stornkold imperial territories-, with most of their local forces already deployed in conflict with the Norodor Empire, Stornkold will make an alliance in the Ots star system with the Alianza Goffyca, to try to supress the rebellion and fight the Norodor and Nutk states.

While with the later arrival of reinforcements, the Stornkold-Alianza forces will be succesful conquering and colonizing the Nutk Confederate planet of Alquadesh in Ots VIII, the rebellion continued, and in the 3354 the rebels will proclaim the Otsarian Independent States, who after independence will join the Nutk Conferederation. With the success of the rebels in Ots, despise the orders to keep secret the rebellion, word will be known, and Stornkold will face a series of rebellions of the Münzen and Nutk across all over their planets, which made them to focus in supressing them, abandoning to their own luck the Ots Stornkold. Because of this, facing malcontent, separatists and foreign agression, at teh 3356 a.a.H the governor fo Stornkold in Ots will renounce, and will be proclamated the Ots Stornkold Republic, a short lived state that the next year, 3357 a.a.H, will secessionate from Stornkold, before it was teared appart and divided among other nations, dissapearing the republic.

Between the 3360 to the 3391 -beginning of the Nebulosa of Ots war-, Stornkold, for long one of the main powers of the Nebulosa of Ots, lost their protagonic role, as it became progressively more self-centered under the rule of their new emperor, Dres III.

Duringethe rule of Dres III, will be lived in Stornkold both a process of liberization of the economy and personal freedoms, and as well a process of privatization of many public services. However, in the same time this happened, this meant that the role of the megacoporations became fundamental within Stornkold, as went the process from corporativism to corporative capitalism.

Stornkold will be part of the Empires during the [Ots War]] (3391 - 3443 a.a.H), and while the war meant a heavy toll for Stornkold, they didn't suffered territorial losses against the Allies. As well, Stornkold suffered mayor turmoils during the Rebellion of the Clones.


The Stornkold Empire for the 3440 had a population of about inhabitants, divided between the 71 inhabited worlds of the Federation.

Aside of this population, there was a large, unaccounted alien Annasah population in the Annasah Protectorade, sometimes estimated around Annasah.

Stornkold, aside of the Annasah, was largelly a human empire, with about 97% of the population being human. Of these, the major ethnic groups where Münzen, Nutk and Aelian groups, with minorities of Ushavericans, Latvaericans, Zarhuycans, Zeans and Hieyokers.

Government and PoliticsEdit

At first, the Stornkold Expedition, dependant of Münzen, had a civilian-military joint command. As later they learnt of the fall of Münzen, annexed by Anuchia, it will be proclaimed the Federation of Stornkold, which was a representative presidential democracy. This form of government will last the bloody seizing of power of who will become later the Emperor Dres I.

Under the Emperors of Stornkold, Stornkold it will become an absolute monarchy, ruled by a hereditary Emperor, which had a corporative-dictatorial totalitarian state, which was ruled by the Dresic political party and their absolute ruler, the emperor.

The division of powers -legislative, executive and judicial- was abolished, and claimed to be a weakness of the aelian democratic system.

On foreign relations, at first Stornkold had a policy of no alliances, and will be only much later, with the rise of other Otsarian powers that they will be forced to make alliances to remain relevant, but they alliances where never close ones.

They will be part of the alliance of the Empires during the Ots War, along with the Norodor Empire, Auswelt.ICR and the Autocratic Nutk States.


The armed forces of Stornkold where divided in the Stornkold Federal Army (SFA), the Stornkold Federation Space Navy (SFSN), the Stornkold Federation Reserve Army (SFRA), the Stornkold Colonial Fleet (SCF), and irregular forces as the Stornkold Red Squad (SRS) and the Stornkold Blue Squad (SBS)

While the SFA and SFSN where the official, mobile front line forces, the Stornkold Colonial Fleet had tasked the space exploration and patrolling of Stornkold-dominated space.

The Reserve Army was largelly more a political institution, self-defense forces for planetary defense that lacked equipment and moral -and where regarded as mostly useless by most officers of the regular army-, which will be seen for example in the fall of Otskold. This was largelly as well because the ruling class of Stornkold later will not trust the Reserve Army, and many times they disbanded it. -Indeed, forces of the SFRA where part of several attempts of rebellion against the emperors of Stornkold.

The SRS and SBS where irregular forces, under direct orders of the emperor, and weren't officially part of the armed forces of Stornkold. Despise of this, they had their independent armies and fleets, often use for the proxy wars of Stornkold, where contracted as mercenaries to defend Stornkold-corporative interests, in colonial wars or used in the repression of rebellions. All the non-humans who served the armed forces of Stornkold, did so on the irregular forces.

Science and TechnologyEdit

Stornkold was known for their advanced science and technology, as the Stornkold Expedition had an important initial boost as they made the first encounters with the extra-aierian aliens Annasah, and for long will be decades ahead of other human nations.

The Stornkold Expedition will discover what will later become a key part of the technology in the Nebulosa of Ots: stornkoldio. A metal with unique characteristics, which will be used in the construction of space-faring related technology, but importantly, in relation to building spaceships, armor and armament.

Not only they discovered it, but where the first humans to apply their use, and for long they hold a monopoly on the production of Stornkoldio, and much of the space exploration of other nations will be seeking for this resource. While later other nations in their expansion to the outer core of Ots will find their own mines, Stornkold will remain having one of the largest shares of Stornkoldio production.

They will be among the first to make useful mechs, and as well the first important advances in battle robots, androids and artificial technology.

Stornkold as well will be ahead in the use and development of Artificial Humans, and many of the later common classes of them as the Dreselandes, Albertonian and Jako will have origins in Stornkold. GENTEK, a corporation of Stornkold, will be one of the leading corporations in clonation technology.

However later, with the apparition of the Ariete-Class Mauss-ship battleships and other developments in the area of military technology, Stornkold will need to push to keep the pace with the Autocratic Nutk States.

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