Battle succubus novice by shabazik-d5ly7kr

"Each braid is for a slain enemy. Killed my third prey today." Battle Succubus Novice from the Pits of Morgomel.

S U C C U B U S, Succubus Daemonii

Race: Succubus

Class: Demon

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Demoness, female demons.

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Succubi (or Succubae) are a type of female demons from the Daemoni.

Origin OverviewEdit

The demons are divided in three classes: The High demons, or demon lords, where can be found the Bazrrod, some of the more powerful personal entities of Aiers. The second class are the Demons: offspring of the firsts, and meant to be their lieutenants and retinue, as the elemental demons, Succubi (see Succubus), Incubi, Vampires and Werewolves (see werewolf), and finally the lesser demons, slaves and servants, as the Imps, Kattalka, Skavo, Cascomi and Hellhounds.

In myths and the stories of many of the peoples of Aiers, the demons that arrived to Aiers were expelled from hell itself, a theory that was even more supported as often the Daemoni referred to themselves as the exiled. However, later and modern interpretations suppose their origin in a real deep and until then unexplored parts of the underworld of Kazrrad.

Originally, all the demons originate from the Bazrrod or demon lords: By a process the demons called "splitting their soul in shards", they created with "shards of their soul" new demons, and depending of the artificial body used as container and the power of the shard, the offspring would be one or other class of demon or lesser demon.

While this process is unknown in its nature (and many theologians argued that demons don't have souls), this explained the extreme difference and variation among the demons, especially created by this process.

However, this method of asexual reproduction used by the demon lords to create their offspring weakened them, as every "soul shard" meant to keep splintering their souls (and the core of their power).

While there were male and female Bazrrods and could reproduce sexually, they were interested in raising armies, servants and slaves.

And because of this, the Bazrrods created other means of sexual reproduction for their demon kind.

And so, were created vampires, werewolves, succubi and incubi that could have offspring, becoming races of their own, aside of just soul shards of demon lords.

Types of Succubi and their Roles in the Demonic Dark LegionEdit

Among the demons, the Succubi often play an important role in the demonic societies of the Dark Legion, being not only part of the court of the demon lords and their harems, but as well lieutenants, officers, captains, overseers, warriors and servants.

Because of the multiple roles fulfilled by the succubus, there are many different types and castes of them, being the main four:

The Daughters of Naamah:Edit

This first group are horned succubi with pointed ears and tails, but otherwise an humanoid body.

The Daughters of Mahlat:Edit

These succubi are very humanoid looking -reason some suggest they may be result of hybridization with elves or humans. Other point out that the werewolf humanoid form, and the Vampires, look alike-

The Daughters of Lilith:Edit

This third clan, who often have wings, tail, horns and other more animal features.

The Daughters of Zenunim:Edit

This fourth group are often called the Battle Succubi, as they are mostly a military caste.

The Battle Succubi are the succubi with longer and bigger wings, being natural flyers, and trained to serve as air support to the legions of demons. Often, they train since young age, and have a life centered in training and fighting, being equipped with light but useful and sturdy armors (often in radical difference for the clothing preferences of other succubi.

Due to their training in Battle Succubi units, often they are ignorant of many basic aspects for social life for other types of Succubi. (being called, mockingly by the other succubi, "battle virgins")

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