The Drow Tribes of the Sunner where drow nomads, traders, hunters, gatherers, wanderers, bandits, raiders and ooportunists of the far south of the underworld of Kazrrad.

While they had some common cultural elements, as the use of a stylized black sun, they had important differences between the different tribes: one of the differences that more shocked other drow was that many of the Sunner tribes where patriarcal societies: some ruled by wise old drow, others by Prince warriors and male war chieftains: however, most tribes had a more drow-traditional matriarchal rule: however, the role of men and women was quite equiparable.

Tattoos where traditional custom in most tribes, as dying the hair. Body paint was as well common, and many tribes sharpened their teeth.

They where viewed as barbarians, a danger and vultures by the southern drow cities as Ched'Hihrin, Ched'Ipango, Kalhari and Sia'Peiran, who alternatively fight them off, paid them tribute or hired them as mercenaries as they fought their wars in the south.

In their later wars, when clashing with Negeémiliel, the Sia'Peirans will use Sunner drow tribes as a proxy and mercenaries to strength their forces: It was estimated by Sia'Peiran chronists that the Sunner tribes where around 220.000 drow.

Wanderers and nomads, often the Sunner will raid the surface, trading as well there. They traded -and raided- the Duergars, and wouldn't be unknown of Sunners who settled in the surface, mixing with Zuleis desert elves or Sand Elves:

They often mixed without prejudgement with other light or dark elves, existing in their ranks many Deep elves, ash elves, light drows or any possible combination, and neither was too uncommon the presence of half drow in their tribes.