The Star System of Svear it's a star system located in the Nebulosa of Ots, in the outer colonies. It's the System 118 of the Nebulosa of Ots, and it's claimed as a system of the Nutk Union, but there are no settlements  of this nation in the system.

The Star System of Ots is compossed of 17 planets

Svarholm, Svear IIEdit

Svarholm (118.2) is a volcanic-type planet from the EAN.

Svear, Svear IIIEdit

Svear (118.3) is an aiers-type planet from the EAN, who claims the whole system.

Negeé, Svear VEdit

Negeé (118.5) is a mineral-type planet terraformed by Underdark Technologies Inc., being the capitol and base of operations of this corporation.

Mozhovia, Svear VIIEdit

Mozhovia (118.7) is a mineral-type planet terraformed the Outer Colonies licensed by the EUS to be colonized by Kasparov CIA at the 3386, having large clonation facilities, spaceship shipyards, armament factories and refineries. However, during the rebellion of the Clones, Mozhovia was conquered by the Shiks Foundation at the 3432 a.a.H. This is now the capitol planet of the Independent Artificial Republic of Shikkian.

At the 3430, it had a population of about 250,000,000 inhabitants.

Vaidosa, Svear XIIEdit

Vaidosa (118.12) it's a mineral-type planet of the system of Svearf, an unaligned Free Colony, with a population of roughly some 90,000 inhabitants. It is said, the PMC Militen Aquila Aurea (Soldiers of the Golden Eagle) have their seat of operations in this planet.

Kwangshi, Svear XIIIEdit

Kwangshi (118.13) it's a mineral-type planet of the system of Svear from the Norodor Empire, with a population of about 992,000 inhabitants.

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