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Szen the Immortal, king of Brûm.

Szen, the Immortal, was the third great king of Brûm:

First, it was the reign of the Black dragons of Brûm, and the Dragonking and Dragongod Barûm, considered son of Szerek goddess of the Sun and the death:

Under his regime, the enslaved orc endless armies carried their dark banners, bringing slaves and food to their flyless dragon masters:
In that way, the men of Brûm were enslaved, to serve for the glory of the Dragonking, and the elves were almost completely destroyed:

But, after the time of great sorrow and devastating wars, the great dragongodking of Brûm was dead.

Humans, orcs and dragons of Brûm, remnants of the once great kingdom, began to fight a brutal civil war for the control of the shattered remains.

Decades of war, in a decaying land, only was meet with misery, starvation, disease and death: And like a plague, rose the power of the Necromancers, who only became stronger and stronger with the great tribulations of others.

The era of the Masked Warlocks and their Nameless King begun in Brûm: The time of the dragons and the Black Sun religion had ended.

The masked necromancers declared the mightiest of them as the new godking, second incarnation of the great dragongod. He called himself the "Nameless King", twisting the old religions and beliefs for his own glory and of his order, that they identified as done for the Glory of Brûm.

But finally, the Nameless King was defeated, and the Szen took his place: the new king of Brûm concentrated and centralized all the power within him: But instead of following the path of war and conquering, he made peace with the neighbouring nations, giving Brûm a new age of peace, to regain its strength.

However, Szen was only a man, and sooner than later, he died: However, to avoid the void of power and the succession wars, his armor was passed to a successor, without showing his true identity to anyone:

The successor wasn't anymore a successor, but the Szen reincarnated: In this way, the Szen achieved immortality, becoming Szen the Immortal, and being considered by the Brûmers than, rather than having a succession of kings, always having been governed by a single destined and immortal ruler, symbol of the regained might and wealth of the country.

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