The Tardic Succession War (2086-2093) involved all of the Five Kingdoms over the question of the Macarena Bonella's succesion to the Tardic realms.

The war began under the pretext that Macarena Bonella's was ineligible to succeed to the Tardic throne of her father, thought it was commonly thought that the challenge of eligibility was an excuse put forward by La Cruz to challenge Tardic power. Sargos as well moved, as a scramble for Tardic territory.

Tardos was supported by Degoland, the traditional enemy of Sargos, as well as the kingdom of Akresh. La Cruz was allied with the Cruzeños kingdoms of Begian and Hannian, and Sargos didn't had allies during the war

The war ended at 2093 with the treaty of Velasco, by which Macarena Bonella was confirmed as Queen of Tardos, but Sargos and La Cruz retained control of conquered territories. But the peace was soon to be shattered by the invasion of the Kanov of the Barlans.

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