The year zero by tonibabelony-d6klab9

A loranor - elf Half Elf watching iron beasts of the humans cross the sky in the First Century a.a.H. These flying 'iron beasts' are a fine example of the Human 'magic' of "Tekkno-loki" Image by ToniBabeloni

The Tekkno-Loki was the name given to a powerful ancient Human magic used by the early humans, in the mythological human Sky Age and After the Apparition of Humanity for about one century in the city of Eden.

After the Fall of Eden around the 100 a.a.H, much of the Tekkno-Loki was lost, and only remnants and relics remained.

Humans tried to continue using the decaying Tekkno-Loki in the decades following the fall, before it lost all their magic.

Some early Human empires -as Dume-, had as a crucial objective to reconstruct and regain the ancient magical powers of Tekkno-Loki of humanity, and they obsesively collected and guarded relics and remnants of the Tekkno-Loki.

It will be using these ancient human relics of Tekkno-Loki, that will be produced The Cataclysm.

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