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The Immortal Shaman encountering the Drow Trio. He is actually trying to break their chain, he is assisted by a probable daughter of Pecas Wargh

The Immortal Shaman of Brukkuthuz

Zorrd Kooperr the Second (Brukkuthuz 2369 - ? a.a.H.) was an Antorian Orc from Brukuthuz, Antor, Zarhuy who achieved a large degree of fame and respect as a village shaman and wise man.


  • He once was on a quest of Immortality, and proclaimed himself to have achieved it
  • He had -briefly- as apprentice Quiebrahuesos Wargh
  • Has a remarkable ability to ignore injuries
  • Unusual facial hair for an orc
  • Seen as a font of wisdom by orcs, or font of information by elven agents
  • Absolutely confident in himself
  • Wise Advisor
  • Rather Charismatic
  • Boastful and Boisterous


Was a figure of some renown amongst the Antorian Orcs of his time, especially amongst the village of Brukuthuz. Had various roles in the life of Quiebrahuesos Wargh.

Speculation: May have been the second "Zorrd Kooperr"? If his life was combined with another shaman, it might explain his reputation towards 'immortality'.


Zorrd Kooperr first appears as a charismatic and enthusiastic shaman 'grad student'. He gained the young Quiebrahuesos Wargh as a trainee assistant who was infatuated with him, but he didn't return her advances. Young Wargh would soon fail as a trainee.

At this early time, Zorrd already demonstrated a 'know it all' demeanor and an ability to absorb and shrug off injuries that might lay low mightier orcs.

Quest for ImmortalityEdit

Despite his astonishing ability to shrug off injuries without any lasting or crippling harm, Zorrd went in a quest for immortality. He extorted this 'information' from the Mistress of the Eight Feathers, the Witch of the Southern Swamps of Nalauk'tai. He submerged himself while holding his breath for supposedly a half hour, he emerged certain that he had achieved the lifespan of an elf if not outright immortality.

The Orc QueenEdit

Later on, Zorrd Kooperr, now known as "The Immortal Shaman", served as a chief advisor to an older Quiebrahuesos Wargh, now known as 'The Orc Queen'. He would be helpful in giving her tidbits of advice and knowledge, and more politically in getting others to accept her leadership.

Later YearsEdit

As years went by, the Immortal Shaman clearly aged, although he remained surprisingly vital, though with poor eyesight. In 2428 he married the sub-chief Mataelfo Wargh with Fluffy the Pet Elf. This unusual event and likely the Immortal Shaman's penchant for storytelling would lead to an attack by a militant elf group known as the "Orc Killers" on the small village where Mataelfo ruled as a sub-chief.

Sordcooper2 in DeviantArtEdit

The Immortal Shaman is actually an avatar of Sordcooper2 , user of deviantart, inspirator of this character and the S.Cooper.II inteligence company.

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