The Stalemate of the Two Armies (2633 a.a.H) was how was known an event that happened in northwestern Aels wich lasted five days between the armies of Haven-Morrow and  Cairie, when both armies encamped on different sides of the border with their leaders arguing, as Haven-Morrow crusaders wanted to cross the border to support the Imperial forces against the dark legion.

In the first few years of the Third War of Power, when the Holy Sargonic Empire was under siege there was a call to arms from other provinces raising independent crusader armies against the demons.

The Holy Army of the Knights of Haven-Morrow was an army raised by the christian church of Haven-morrow, funded by a wealthy noble seeking fame and glory named Arlund Jorfield. He spared no expense outfitting his men with some of the best armor and weapons money could buy, and rushed off to help the Sargonic army on the front lines.

Unfortunately, during their march they came across the armies of Cairie, a small country that was formed by Grey Elves and a small population of humans. It has maintained its borders and independence due to its outstanding diplomacy, and an army with enough skill to make any contender decide a war is not worth the risk. The country had previously been letting in independent Crusader armies cross, but the crusaders ended up not quite being a savory and polite lot, and caused a lot of trouble for the inhabitants.

So, when the Nobles of Cairie heard of yet ANOTHER army coming through they sent out their own military to halt the crusaders and turn them around. This event was known locally as the Stalemate of the 2 armies. Which lasted 5 days with both armies encamped on different sides of the border with their leaders arguing about movement and passage rights.

Finally, the Crusaders had to take the long way around, delaying them another week. Because of this, the specific Sargonic army they were meant to re-enforce and resupply was wiped out, and the crusaders arrived too late, just to walk into a graveyard behind enemy lines.

Two days later the army was attacked by a legion of Orcs, Ozcuras, and trolls. The few survivors were taken as prisoners and raped. Arlund was taken prisoner as a personal trophy to a half-troll. He died a week later from a crushed pelvis.

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