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A Pixerian warrior. The replacement of the Kokto Orcs, and a sign of the growing technology of the era, particularly of the Dark Legion

The Third War of the Power was the last of the 3 major conflicts between the Confederation of Free Peoples and the human-elven alliance of the Empire of Whide Axis, the Holy Sargonic Empire, Gorbegea, the remnants of the Likkan Empire and the Unlic Empire of Uslen, and others, fought between the 2.633 to the 2.675 a.a.H., and it was fought in Aels, Zarhuy, Hieyoks and Ushaenor.

It ended with The Cataclysm, and while an apocalyptic event was unleashed, it is considered a human-Kanov-elven coalition victory.

Origins of the War Edit

The Second War of the Power (2434-2539 a.a.H) hadn't resolved the conflict between the Empire of Whide Axis and the Confederation of the Free Peoples, and no formal peace or truce was ever signed, ending only due the internal turmoil of the Confederation of Free Peoples for the succession of Satman -War of the Four Black Kings (2535-2539 a.a.H).

The end of the hostilities between the Polforian demon holds and the Aelian possessions of the Holy Sargonic Empire will be traditionally seen as the end of this war, but some historians argued the conflict continued still for some time, in the Tokeri invasions of the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov and in Hieyoks, and others point out the end of the direct war will be more related to the great plague of the 2543, than a will to end hostilities.

The root causes of the Third War of the power can be found in the demographic, economic and political crises of XXVI Century Aels. The outbreak of the war was motivated by a gradual rise in tension between the Holy Sargonic Empire -torn apart in the previous decades by the Sargonic religious wars, the War of the Three Emperors, the invasions of Blazakhov and the Sukkes Empire- and the demon lords, who were perceived as the ones orchestrating these calamities -and in fact, they played no minor role on these events-.

Anutkahook, who had been actively working to erode the power of the enemies and rivals of the Confederation of Free Peoples, opposed Blazakhov, the Holy Sargonic Empire, the Likkan Empire and Gorbegea against each other, saw his window of opportunity closing with the final victory of the Ne'Sargonic Jesués Dynasty in the Battle of the Argian Fields at the 2629 a.a.H, which meant the end of the internal struggles suffered by the Empire, while Gorbegea had at the same time annexed Hannian from a weakened Blazakhov.

Anutkahook decided it was time to act, before their enemies could regain their forces: however, the beginning of the war was delayed by the Senate of the 66 Demon Lords, who didn't want to begin a war before they could strike their enemies not only in Aels, but as well in Ushaenor, Zarhuy and Hieyoks, to make this truly the first Aierian War when the demons unleashed their legions at the 2633 a.a.H.

The war in Aels Edit

The war in Near Hieyoks Edit

The War in Far Hieyoks Edit

The War in Zarhuy Edit

The War in Northern Ushaenor Edit

The War of the Fake Prophets Edit

While the Demonic Dark Legion lacked a powerful fleet in the Alan Ocean to send their legions across the ocean, it was perceived as of crucial importance to bring war to Ushaenor, to avoid seeing the 'elf continent' to serve as a safe haven, away from war, or a source of reinforcements, to their human enemies. This was of considerable concern to the Dark Legion as such aid had been their downfall in the past.

Using spies and agents, demonic cults and the unrest that was experienced in the "Two Empires" that shared northern Ushaenor -the Holy Sargonic Empire and the Empire of the Whide Axis-, they will play especially the religious unrest, result of the Sargonic religion wars and the wars of The Apostate, and will help the rise of many prophets and sectarian religious violence.

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Knights of the High elves] of the Empire of Whide Axis guarding a coastal city in Ushaenor. Plate armor was becoming quite widespread at this time

The War in Southern Ushaenor Edit

The Dark Legion formed a secret alliance with the embittered Hake Empire and attempted to revive full scale war. There was more success from a seed planted in the past: that is, in the 2nd War of the Power, in allowing a colonization of Aels by a Hake magicracy that led to a social and literal blood hybridization with the Drow of Aels and the formation of the city-state of Zaghäl. This was a long term investment in the faraway Hakes that paid considerable dividends two centuries later as the Zaghäli dark elves became the principal, and more effective, elven magic users in the 3rd War of the Power. In this role, they largely replaced the Witches of the forests of Ded.

The Hake Front Edit

In Southern Ushaenor, the Hake dark realms will attack the human realms -supposed vassals of the Whide Axis-, and the High Elven realms of beyond.

After the initial Hake successes, that made them hope to rebuild the ancient Hake Empire, the war first stagnated, and later the lataverican human empires will began to push the Hakes back to the old borders -and beyond-.

Casualties and Disease Edit

So great was the devastation brought about by the war that estimates put the reduction of population in Aiers at about 15 to 40 percent: However, this is largely difficult to account due to The Cataclysm: in many cases, it depends if the death toll caused by the apocalyptic event or the percent of casualties caused by the war: because of this, in percent, it's one of the deadliest wars in the history of Aiers until the modern Aierian world Fifth World War.