The Thirteen Drow Cities was a name given to the first Drow cities founded in the underworld of Kazrrad, founded just before the fall of the Empire of Drow in the case of the two oldest ones and in the following two millennia, between the 12.200 to the 10.000 b.a.H, cities that will rule the destinies of much of the early history of the Kazrradian Drows up to the Dwarven Wars around the 2.000 - 1.000 b.a.H.

The known thirteen cities were:

Of the Thirteen Drow cities, only Erehel-Sinu and Manzarraza had a continued history until The Cataclysm.

Ched'Lolthan was destroyed before the War of the 13 cities, it was re-founded and then abandoned at the dawn of the War of the Holy Spider. Llurt-Negeél was destroyed as result of the war of the 13 cities, and during the War of the Holy Spider, was meant to be erased from recorded history as was the three unknown cities.

In the Dwarven Wars, Luihalen'Tar, Abathagan, Szithilhan and Orlytar will be destroyed. Abathagan and Orlytar will be later re-founded.

V'Elddrins will be destroyed by the Curse of the Doroz, and was later re-founded.

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