Threish was a human principality in Northeastern Ushaenor.

As result of the efforts of rediscovering the Lost Cities of Mankind in the beginning of the 26 century -and the later war of the lost cities-, the recently founded Holy Sargonic Empire will be increasingly interested in extending their influence and possessions in Ushaenor.

While for long the situation between the Ne'Sargonic and the High elves had been tense due numerous causes -being one of the most contentious themes the situation of the Ushaverican humans as vassals of the elven empire-, the conflict will come to a boiling point when the High Elven Kingdom of Huen -member state of the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis- tried to forcefully regain elven predominance in Ushaverican human affairs with a military occupation of Momb, Keuta and other tribal lands of Ushavericans, exercising a harsh repression: however by then, the Empire of Whide Axis was but a shadow of its former glory, as without an emperor any image of unity among the High Elven states was lost: Ne'Sargos -subject of the Holy Sargonic Empire-, proclaiming itself to act as defenders of humanity, will invade Chegarb, Momb and Keuta at the 2521 only with minor resistance, as most of Huen elven forces retreated and only a handful of Ushaverican tribes initially resisted.

Momb and Keuta became imperial subjects of the Holy Sargonic Empire, Ne'Sargos had conquered lands beyond the traditionally Ushaverican held lands, which caused the protest of the Whide Axis.

While the empires discussed for a diplomatic solution, the Ne'Sargonic tried to legitimize the act of occupation of elven lands with the proclamation of new realms-such as the Principality of Threish at the 2526-, puppet states that were to appeal at the imperial courts for the transfer of these territories from the Empire of the Whide Axis to the Holy Sargonic Empire.

The Principality of Threish Edit

While the Ne'Sargonic acted in the self-claimed defense of the Ushaverican humans, the lands where Threish will be founded were doubtlessly elven, and the capital was an elven palace hastily abandoned during the Ne'Sargonic advance.

Bishop Felix de Maitrose, princely head of the new state, while a rabid opponent to high elves and a supporter of human supremacist ideas, was very interested in magic and maná manipulation -wanting to make magic available for humans-, so he will found the Academy of Magic of Threish, avidly collecting magical elven artifacts.

The Principality's participation in the wars against the Kadralor Confederancy and the later war of Ne'Sargos (2546-2560) will only reinforce Threish bigotry toward non-humans, and its magic academy became a known -yet some considered feverish and futile- center of study of elven magic and arts -to be adapted for human use-, with the scholars of Threish hoping to gain knowledge to the use of maná for humans, along with the secret of the long elven lifespan.

Silly stuff to edit into something serious Edit

they used to be good buddies with their elven neighbors but then they got jealous and stole their magical artifacts and stuff. It's the classic search for a longer life. they hide the things in a big temple which is surrounded by a large labyrinth full of traps and monsters to keep the things safe and then they take a nap and the elves get a chance to steal them back like once a year or decade but they get eaten by the monsters

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