Tinian II (c. 1772 - 12 December 1855) traditionally known as Tinian the Great and also Saint Tinian the Great in the Unlic Orthodox Church, was a Unlic (Southern Dumian) emperor from 1817 to 1855. During his reign, Tinian II sought to revive the empire's greatness and reconquer the lost northern half of the historical Dumian Empire. Thinian's reign is marked by the ambitious but only partly realized restoration of the Empire.

Because of his restoration activities, Tinian has sometimes been called the "last Dumian" in modern historiography. This ambition was expressed by the partial recovery of the territories of the defunct northern dumian empire. The military campaigns re-established Dumian control over the Caritz sea, increasing the Empire's annual revenue. During his reign Thinian also subdued the Valkny, a people on the Alan Isles that had never been under Dumian rule before.

In his legacy was as well the last uniform rewritings of the knowledge of the Librarians, and his reign also marked a blossoming of Unlic culture, and his building program yielded such masterpieces as the great church of Titipopolis. A devastating outbreak of bubonic plague in the early 1850s marked the end of an age of splendour.

With the dead of Tinian II, Emperor of the south Half of the Dume Empire, it changes officialy the name to Unlic Empire of Uslen.

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