Tommas Haggaer (3246-3359) was a military commander and Politician of Münzen, Bazikstan, Gofondria, Waegerland and Anuchia and one of the founders of the Nutk Confederation in Ots. A Nutk traditionalist, he seeked for the autonomy of the Nutk peoples and the restoration of traditional Nutk culture.

An ethnic Nutk, he served the Münzen army, being a national hero from the Greedsvalley War of the 3274 a.a.H, defending the valley once more time during the Münzen-Anuchian war of the  3290 a.a.H: After that defeat, he harbored a deep hate to the Anuchian state. He will fight during the Münzen Civil War for the separatist Nutk nation, after which he was exiled.

In his exile, he went to Bazikstan, joining the Bazik army and fighting in the baziks wars of the decade, where he learnt much of armored and mechanized warfare, achieving several victories over ozeans, binese and Ruhenians. At the end of the Fourth World War of Aiers -the Pentarchy War-, he will leave Bazikstan to join the GOFFY guerrillas in the Gofoushaverican war.

By the 3306 a.a.H he was hired by Waegerland to form a Waegerlandi national Army, serving Waegerland in the Norwaht-Nicolian and Norwarth-Anuchian War, achieving several victories despise the lack of resources. He will then be hired by Anuchia to modernize their armored forces, and despise his dislike for Anuchia he will accept, fighting as well a war against Bazikstan.

By the 3308, at the end of the Second War of Ze-Berra, he returns to Münzen, reincorporating to the Münzen army: however, the next year Münzen was annexed into Anuchia, coming to serve again the Anuchian state that he hated.

By the 3320 a.a.H, he changed his role as armored warfare officer to Space Infantry of Marine.

He will command the attack against the Goffyan capital during the Amparpican War, and later will take part in the development of mechs in the 3324 a.a.H.

In the 3330 a.a.H he was at command of the 2nd Space Fleet during the Fifth World War of Aiers, commanding as well the Northern Alliance Army in Anicka, defeating several Trutsian attacks, until he was ordered to depart to Ots with his 2nd Space Fleet at the 3335 a.a.H.

His fleet will arrive at destiny at the 3340 a.a.H to planet Ots, but lacking contact with the Northern Alliance, will found along the other officers the Nutk Confederation at the 3343 a.a.H. However, some clashes between the command of the 2nd Fleet, will make him decide to found his own nation, a "proper, truly Nutk nation, without all that contamination of the Felchelander that call themselves Anuchians": Kalingia. However, Kalingia will not abandone the Confederation.

El 3345, el con su ejercito es uno de los que lograron salvar a la confederación de la derrota total. El 3346 se hacen claras las diferencias entre Kalingia y la confederación Nutk. El es uno de los impulsores de la extensión de la confederación, asiendo posible la colonización de Ots XII y Ots VIII, el 3351 su ejercito vence a los del Imperio Norodor.   El 3353, con la idea clara de la secesión inicia el armamentismo de Kalingia y logra la anexión de los estados independientes Otsarianos a la confederación, más específicamente a Kalingia.

El 3356 nuevamente salva a la confederación de la catástrofe en su guerra contra Spotzen.

El 3357, bajo su mando personal Kalingia conquista para si Alquadesh.

El 3358 se crea la unión Nutk, cambiándose la capital. Los estados productores de la confederación, incluido Nutk, se aúnan a la causa Kalingia.

La última obra de Tommas Haggaer fue la colonización de Ots XI para la confederación, muriendo como presidente de un estado de acuerdo a su ideología el 3359 a los 113 años.

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