The County of Transdar or Transdargoina was one of the Polforian states of the outregam, founded after the First War of the Power and lasting until the 2340 a.a.H. It extended around western Polforia, bordering the Marche of Roccasone to the north, an elven principality to the east and human settlers to the south: to the west it had the Dargoina Mountains, and beyond, the kingdom of Degoland.

Most of the settlers were of Sargonic origin, notably from southern Sargos, as were the first rulers of the principality, who surrounded themselves with their own loyal subjects.

Transdar was for some time one of the stronger states of the Outregam: however, this outregam county had problems with the clans of the Mountains. Suffered as well plagues, and will mostly collapse around the 2330's, with many of the colonists retreating to Roccasone, who will take over the northernmost remnants of it by the 2340s.

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