The Tri-Fecta Wars was a serie of wars fought in northern Aels from 3066 to 3078 between the United Cyrvian Kingdoms, the Myrstik Union and the Confederation of Kalif, and along the war there will intervene to some level as well the Trutsian Empire, Sueccian Empire, Naft and the Calintropian Empire.

Cyrvian UltimatumEdit

In 3066, the rising power of the customs union of the United Cyrvian Kingdoms, lead by Nordigen, menaced not only the Calintropian Empire, but as well the Myrstik Union -a personal union between Danaanland and Fisherburg and the Confederation of Kalif, a union of small states who had formed a sdefensive alliance in front of the UCK in the 3056 a.a.H

With the rising of tensions, the UCK tried to force the Confederation of Calif into the Customs Union: in front of the the Cyrvian Ultimatum, giving the Kalif confederation one week to supress the existing tolls and join the customs Union.

Kalif, secretly supported by the Calintropian Empire, who helped them to reach a secret treaty of alliance with the Myrstik Union against the UCK, decided to opose the cyrvian ultimatum, and declare movilization of their army.

This quickly lead to the movilization of the UCK and Myrstik Union armies: the war had begun.

The WarEdit

At the beginning of the war, was clear the superiority of the United Cyrvian Kingdoms against their allies. However, the Calintropian Empire saw this as an oportunity against the Nordigen and the United Cyrvian Kingdoms, deciding to fund and equip The Myrstik Union and the Confederation of Kalif.

Because of this, what Nordigen and the other cyrvian kingdoms thought would be a quick war, become a long and bloody war, without a clear victor.

As the casualties grow, the UCK  proceeded to press into service non-humans to bolster their ranks, being quick to do the same the other sides.

As the war extended, with an interruption of the normal trade, more and more nations of the region became affected, and some saw this as an oportunity to push their agendas, as was the case of the intervention of Naft and of the Sueccian Empire.

The Trutsian Empire entered in the conflict partially, mostly to achieve the retreat of the sueccian.

As the war progressed as well, with the Kalif Confederation at the brink of defeat by the 3074, the Calintropian Empire had to increase their support and send contingents to fight under Kalif banners to force the UCK to retreat.

Finally by the 3076, after 10 years of war and the region ruined, there would be signed the peace treaty, which ended with the dissolution of the United Cyrvian Kingdoms customs union, while the states of the Confederation of Kalif became part of the Calitropian Empire.

The Myrstik Union, weakened after 10 years of wars, will fall in a civl war that will last until the 3078, which ended with the personal union of king Daniel III Myrstik of Danaanland and Fisherburg.

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