Hobgoblin and half orc by shabazik

Trinchatripas on the left, attempting to seduce Quiebrahuesos Wargh to the right

Trinchatripas (Brukkuthuz, 2380 - ? a.a.H.) was a Hobgoblin from the Antorian Orc village of Brukkuthuz, Antor, Zarhuy.

Son of a goblin, he wanted to get a better social position, becoming a Fiancee of Quiebrahuesos Wargh.


  • Ur Dur Hobgoblin
  • Clever and scheming
  • Brave in the company of big bruisers
  • A skilled tracker
  • Experienced Fighter
  • A practiced negotiator



The father of Trinchatripas was an Ur Dur goblin who was an immigrant into the Antorian Brukkuthuz tribe. As such, he would be doomed to live a near slave like life. He was quite clever for an Ur Dur goblin, and was able to get an orc mate and produce a son, Trinchatripas. Following that, he set his sights of Quiebrahuesos Wargh as a potential mate for his son. She had an important name and held an important position as a first born child. But she was not attractive by the standards of Antorian Orcs, so there was a possibility to hope that his son might score her affections.

Attempts at Wooing His TargetEdit

As a child, Trinchatripas had no wish to follow this plan of his father, but as an adult it would be logical and appealing. He would try to win the affections of Trinchatripas many times, indeed he would obtain a promise from her via a degree of trickery and would once 'catch her on the rebound' when her own plans had failed. Unfortunately, the father of the girl would end this youthful attempt at moving up in the world.

Orc Rescue TeamEdit

In 2398 a.a.H. Quiebrahuesos Wargh would disappear after a large, inter-village raiding campaign that resulted in the raiding or destruction of several communities or trade routes. This being the same raid that resulted in the destruction of the Wild elf village of Al'Jathis. The mother of Quiebrahuesos, her cousin Pecas Wargh, and her brother would go and search for their missing relative. Trinchatripas elected to join as well, probably in hopes of winning her by rescuing her, particularly as her father had abandoned her to her fate.

The Orc QueenEdit

Years later, Quiebrahuesos would emerge as the 'Orc Queen' and temporarily united the tribes of orcs and goblins, and began a campaign to crush the remaining high elf colonies. Trinchatripas would serve as a negotiator at this time.

Current StatusEdit

Last seen, Trinchatripas was to go on a mission with the 'goblin elf' girl Kuku of the Rotten Log. The outcome of this mission has not yet been revealed.

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