The Unlic Empire of Uslen, alternatively known as the Southren Dumian EmpireUnlic Empire of Uslen, alternatively known as the Southren Dumian Empire, ' Empire of Uslen or simply as Uslen, was the predominantly Unlic-speaking southern half continuation and remainder of the Dumian Empire during the Apparition of Demons, the Dark Age of Demons, Middle Human Age, Second Coming of Darkness, Late Human Age and The Cataclysm. It was located in southern Aels, and will have possessions in Zarhuy and Hieyoks. Its capital was Titipopolis. It was called Uslen and Unlic, after the earlier, pre-dumian human kingdoms of southern Aels, and as well for the pre-human elven civilization of Unnline. It survived the fragmentation and fall of the Northern Dumian Empire  in the XVII century and continued to exist for an additional thousand years until it collapsed in The Cataclysm, at the 2675 a.a.H. During most of its existence, the empire was the most powerful economic, cultural and military human force in Aels.

Several events from the XV to XVII centuries mark the transitional period during which the Dumian Empire's north and south divided. At the 1486 a.a.H, the empire administration was divided into southern and northern half, and at the 1514 Christianity will become the Empire's official state religion, with others being proscribed. Under later emperors, the empire's military and administration were restructured and adopted Unlic for official use instead of Dumian. This, although it continued the dumian state and maintained Dumian state traditions, the southern half of the empire it was oriented toward Unlic rather than Dumian culture, and characterised by Orthodox Christianity.

The borders of the Empire evolved significantly over its existence, as it went through several cycles of decline and recovery. During the reign of Tinian II (r. 1817–1855), the Empire reached its greatest extent after reconquering much of the historically Northern Dumian territories, including Dudland and Dume itself, which it held for two more centuries, and as well in the shores of the seas of Caritz and Tok. During the reign of his successors, the Empire's forntier expanded and was stabilised, but as Tinien II was assassinated -some point a demonic complot- it caused a two decade long war with the demon forces of the Dark Legion of the Unholy Mountain of Hortann, which exhausted the Empire's resources and contributed to major territorial losses in Zarhuy against Kanovs and the later La Cruz-Uslen war (2038-2173 a.a.H)

Afterwards, while the aggression of the lords of La Cruz continued, culturally and economically the Empire again expanded and experienced a two-century long renaissance, which came to an end with the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.h).

The final centuries of the Empire exhibited a general trend of decline. It struggled to recover during the Middle Human Age, in which the Empire of Uslen will live a late blooming in the 2330-2370, expanding and founding colonies, precisely as these powerful colonies became independent -Zannas, 2380 a.a.H will mark the end of this golden age, as was followed by the independence of more of the colonies the next decade, and until the Fall of Rudloffur or Zannas at the 2430, they will not have again the hegemony in the Sea of Caritz, but it will be a weak hegemony: and as Uslen suffered the Holy Wars of Eden, which further eroded the imperial authority, they will face catastrophe in the 2484 a.a.H, when the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria invaded Uslen, which was a mortal blow to Uslen as Titipopolis was sacked and the empire dissolved and divided into the Tok-Thorian occupied realm and the ones of the resistance. Despite the eventual recovery of Titipopolis and re-establishment of the empire in 2541 a.a.H, Uslen remained one of the several small rival states in the area for the final centuries of its existence, being conquered and occupied by the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov, and while will escape from the vassalage of Blazakhov at the 2616, its remaining territories were progressively annexed by the dark legion during the Third War of the Power, until The Cataclysm finally ended the Southern Dumian Empire.


  • 2.331 Uslen defeat Blazakhov in the Naval battle of Satanmet.
  • 2.334 Blazakhovian colonies in Aels attacked by Uslen
  • 2.348 Last colony of Blazakhov in Aels, Zannas, fall in hands of Uslen
  • 2.356 Siege of Cargass, capitol city of Blazakhov, made by Uslen, and destruction of the city
  • 2.360 Uslen make colonies in the Zarhuy
  • 2.380 Zannas independent from Uslen, becoming a city State
  • 2.391 Many Unlic colonies, following the example of Zannas, claim their independence
  • 2.403 Rudloffur defeat the Unlic fleet in the naval battle of Raggmas. The trade of the sea of Caritz in their hands
  • 2.430 Fall of Rudloffur, Uslen take back the hegemony in the sea of Caritz
  • 2.434 Uslen try to end the incursions of the Tokeríes pirates and raiders, without results
  • 2.452 Holy Wars of Eden. Christian campaigns against the muslim Zarhuy began, for the possession of the first human city -the "holy city of Eden"- and for a relic that can defeat completely the demons the legends say existed in Eden.
  • 2.484 The Nigromancer invade Uslen
  • 2.484 Uslen is defeated by the Hordes of the Nigromancer, who with a hughe fleet become lord of the sea of Caritz
  • 2.541 Uslen rebel against the Nigromancer, defeating him.
  • Uslen, became vassal state of Blazakhov
  • 2.616 Uslen, Morrecos, Sretor, Uresikstan, Sudar and Tiopia follow the example of Tunecern and independizate from Blazakhov


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