The Unnline (Servants of Unnlinne) was an ancient zuleis dark elven civilization from southern Aels, from the Uslen Peninsula. The culture evolved during the mid to latter half of the 2nd millennium before the apparition of humanity.

The Unnline were originally two different zuleis cultures, the ones of the Koyonko and from Lantania. As the Lantanidos conquered and subjugated the Koyonkos, there began a strong process of aculturation by the Lantanidos, who adopted the Koyonko religion and language: The fusion of conquered and conquerors became the Unnline, the servants of the main goddess of the Pantheon of the Koyonkos, Unnlinne.

The culture experienced its golden age at 1190 b.a.H. It would then gradually go into decline.

Flairie elf civilizations would prove unable to resist the influence and colonial aspirations of the High elves' Empire of Whide Axis, and in a process that will begin at the 809 b.a.H, The Unnline civilization would be finally annexed as of 731 b.a.H.

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