Empress Ursus the Bear was a Bazrrod Demon Lord of the Dark Legion of Demons, who was made by the Witch King of Dol-Nur into the Empress of the Amazons of Helzar

History Edit

Early Edit

Ursus was for long a tertiary Bazrrod, an enforcer and warrior of the Dark Legion, taking the form of a bear -or a werebear-. Whether Ursus was a child of a bazrrod from before or after the appearance of the demons in unknown.

Political Rise Edit

As the Demonic Republic came to an end and rose in importance the demonic triumvirate of Sataan-Satman-Paimon, many of the demon lords of the Council of the 66 lost their rank and seat in the council, and other Bazrrods were to be elevated to new ranks in the now powerless Council.

Ursus, a loyal warrior of Sataan, was among the ones chosen, known for his unquestioning loyalty.

As the Dark Legion under the Triumvirate prepared for what would be the First War of the Power, they wanted to enroll the Polforian amazons to their ranks -or at least, to avoid them from being a thorn at their side-, so Draco the Diplomat devised a plan to make them join the Dark Legion, a plan that was accepted by Sataan.

Ursus, who had helped Draco in quelling a rebellion in Kanovait and recruited some legions of Beast-men, was seen as the option.

And for it, Ursus was to become the Empress of Amazons, and had to take a female form.

Military Actions In the First War of the Power Edit

With the help of the Witch King of Dol-Nur, he was given an army of ozcuras who were slave-soldiers of the Witches of Ded, the secret aid of some powerful witches themselves; and aid in forming an alliance with the northern Polforian drow who were based in the underworld of northern Kazrrad, beneath or adjacent to the amazon lands. With these subjects and allies, Ursus was to take then control of Helzar, and from there, conquer all the Amazon Lands.

For a brief time of some two decades, Ursus was the god-queen of a united Amazon Empire around the Hieyokscream Bay.

Later Edit

It is not known if Ursus escaped capture in the defeat of the demons in the First War of the Power, or went into imprisonment. It is not known if she retained her standing in the revived Dark Legion following the return of the Demon Princes and Lords in the 25th Century A.a.H.

Speculation: It is suspected that she / he might have returned to being a werebear soldier.

Retinue Edit

Ursus was sometimes accompanied and guarded by her 'cubs', giant bears. It is unknown if they are animals or soul shards of Ursus.

Note: The 'Cubs' have never shown up in a story yet. They were an intended story feature that never got used. Shabazik had a monster bear show up in a pic suggesting that he might have had a similar idea?

Powers Edit

Ursus had the various powers of a bazrrod demon of the elements, magic casting and psionics. As a tertiary bazrrod, Ursus might have been limited due to relative low power or having not mastered or practiced various powers.

Observed Feats Edit

  • As a humanoid woman, Ursus wielded a glaive that would glow and audibly hum as she'd pour power into it. Whether it was a magical implement or just a prop as an effect is not known.
  • Ursus was well known for an 'artillery role' for creating great explosions.
  • Ursus could engage in mind control, and insert super-hypnotic perceptions and stimuli into the minds of subjects. Specifically, making one drow think that she was forever burning and another drow think that she had been transformed into a worm.

Appearance Edit

Physical Edit

For long, Ursus's preferred form was of a giant, demonic bear, and of a shapeshifter Bear. Later, Ursus took the form of a physically powerful and imposing woman, over two meters in height, and widely built, with massive cords of tendons and sheets of muscle.  

Equipment Edit

As a humanoid woman, Ursus wore scanty armor, and the bearskin cowl and cape of her previous bear form, the bearskin having unusual strong protective qualities.  

Ursus sometimes wore either a simple helmet under her cowl or an elaborate ceremonial helmet to be seen. Her face was generally obscured by masks, a helmet, or face paint.  

Ursus used a massive pole arm glaive as a weapon; it was most often used as a magical implement.  

Demeanor Edit

Despite the past of being in a ferocious animal form or were-form, Ursus was known to have an expressionless face even when it was not obscured, and to be impassive and immobile as a woman, standing almost as a statue. Possibly due to the form being unfamiliar to her.

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