Vampire blade dancer by shabazik-d5mm9n0

A Vampire Blade dancer warrior from Tempo-Katzooine

V A M P I R E, Vampyre Daemonii

Race: Demon

Class: Demon

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Vrykolakas, Strigoi, Vampir, Upir, Upiry, Kindred.

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Vampirei are a type of demons from the Daemoni.

Origin OverviewEdit

The demons are divided in three classes: The High demons, or demon lords, where can be found the Bazrrod, some of the more powerful personal entities of Aiers. The second class are the Demons: offspring of the firsts, and meant to be their lieutenants and retinue, as the elemental demons, Succubae (see Succubus, Incubi, Vampires and Werewolves (see werewolf), and finally the lesser demons, slaves and servants, as the Imps, Kattalka, Skavo, Cascomi and Hellhounds.

In myths and the stories of many of the peoples of Aiers, the demons that arrived to Aiers were expulsed from hell itself, theory that was even more supported as often the Daemoni referred to themselves as the exiled. However, later and modern interpretations suppose their origin in a real deep and until then unexplored parts of the underworld of Kazrrad.

Originally, all the demons originate from the Bazrrod or demon lords: By a process the demons called "splitting their soul in shards", they created with "shards of their soul" new demons, and depending of the artificial body used as container and the power of the shard, the offspring would be one or other class of demon or lesser demon.

While this process is unknown in his nature (and many theologians argued that demons don't have souls), this explained the extreme difference and variation among the demons, especially created by this process.

However, this method of asexual reproduction used by the demon lords to create their offspring weakened them, as every "soul shard" meant to keep splintering their souls (and core of their power).

While there were male and female Bazrrods and could reproduce sexually, they were interested in raising armies, servants and slaves.

And because of this, the Bazrrods created other means of sexual reproduction for their demon kind.

And so, were created vampires, werewolves, succubae (see succubus) and incubi that could have offspring, becoming races on their own, aside of just soul shards of demon lords.

Role in the Demonic Dark Legion, AppearanceEdit

Among the demons, the Vampires were meant for a series of duties and roles within the dark legion, being used much as ambassadors, lieutenants, spies and representatives of the demons in front of other, non-demonic peoples, as due their looks -relatively human or humanoid looking- made it easier to use them to deal with human, kanov, elven and dwarven peoples.

In general among the demons, the vampires are some of the less visible of them, as they could much more easily blend in with non-demon folks.

Powers, Weaknesses and MythsEdit

Vampires are very stealthy and far stronger than a typical, natural humanoid of their size. They have senses far more acute than humans, and are highly adept at scaling walls, entering windows, and acting as assassins. They can feed on blood and kill likewise, although they actually tend to kill in more mundane and prosaic means, such as with weapons, or snapping of necks.

Despite the myths, these demons, while still very powerful, lacked the shape-shifting abilities of the Werewolves, and neither could they turn in bats or fog: but for how stealthy they could become, these stories originated.

Likewise, vampires are very photosensitive, with bright sunlight burning them, but the sunlight will not immediately kill them, and certainly will not turn them to ashes and dust.

Like the Werewolf people, in many stories the vampires could increase their numbers as well by biting others, or in other ways, but this wasn't either the case: But the vampires as demons do have maná manipulation -"magic"- often related to blood: As well, is said that their biting can bring several diseases, infection and even death for victims, especially as some vampires seemed to "weaponize" this (but hygienic habits of vampires may avoid this.)

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