Orc Vanolosé Burgoise

Vanolosé burgoise of Caritz

V A NO L O S É,Capulus Orcii




Other names:Brown Orcs, Happy Walrus People, sea orcs, elephant men

Allegiance:Independent Traders, Empire of Whide Axis

Vanolosé are goblinoids of the orc family, originally from Zarhuy.

They are considered an exception among orc-kind, as they are the less violent oriented orcs, some of the more intelligent races of goblinoids and as well,a sea-farer people.


The Vanolosé migrated from Antor and the plains of Bareds and the Desert of Ze-Berra to the inhospitable shores of Zarhuy, possibly pushed by migrations of elves or other orcs.

There, they needed to adapt, becoming sailors and early freebooters.Later, they were commonly found in many trading posts near their controlled sea and river routes. Because of this, the Vanolosé stretch all over the shores of the Sea of Tok and sea of Caritz, in Aels,Hieyoks and Zarhuy, dedicated mostly to trade and fishing, living in a series of independent-but often tributary-city-states, the most important and rich being the cities of Zannas -who later founded the Principalty of Rudlofurr -and Niidea.

Normally, a Vanolosé orc is said to be as big as some Antorian orcs, more heavily built, and their skintones are brown to green. They were especially proud of their merchant tradition, bureaucracy, civilization and more importantly, their tusks. It's said, the easiest way for a non-Vanolosé to speak the Vanolosé highly poetic languages, is by stuffing some bananas or something similar into one's mouth, or the beauty of the language is lost, being many sounds unpronounceable to non-Vanolosé.

Vanolosé States and Nations Edit

  • Cualkierwea
  • Dalomismo
  • Kingdom of Guaderia
  • Idontkno
  • Inventalgo
  • Ji-Jiz
  • Kenombre
  • Medaigual
  • Meesind-Iferente
  • Niidea
  • Nocacho
  • Noseyo
  • Nomeimporta
  • Oinz-Jam
  • Principality of Rudloffur
  • Weissesnicht
  • Zannas
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