VedLith Meeren

Ved'Lith Meeren

Ved'Lith Meeren (Negeémiliel, 2380 a.a.H. - ? a.a.H.)

Ved'Lith Meeren was a Negeémi Drow (dark elf) sorceress from the city-State of Negeémiliel.


Ved lith meeren in study time by elfooscuro-d4j7gb9

Ved'Lith at her Studies

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Varied Expressions of Ved'Lith Meeren

  • Afraid of Serious Combat
  • Skilled Sorceress
  • Willowy Proportioned Drow
  • A Jokester
  • Once Had Long Hair
  • Afraid of Spiders
  • Greatly Needs Eye Glasses
  • Believed Sorcery Superior to Martial Arts
  • Inexperienced in Combat
  • Curious About Magic Theory
  • A Chocolate-holic
  • Daring in personal Confrontations


Elfa oscura seguidora de negee by elfooscuro-d4i4eal

Ved'Lith Meeren's appearance before with long hair and without her glasses

Daughter of a relatively "new" Populist Family, she is the third generation of her family to become a citizen, as her mother and grandmother did before her. She wears glasses, has a tribal tattoo on her left side and has short hair. She is a bit small for a drow woman.
She was assigned to duty in the Temple of Doom, the main temple dedicated to Negeé on the city state of Negeémiliel. Although she belongs to a family aligned with the Populists, gets along very well with Briiza, who belongs to the Senatorials.
From a wealthy family, Ved is a choco-holic sorceress who continues her studies of Arcane Anthropology at Temple of Doom to avoid the military service.
Cheerful, outgoing, sometimes crazy, Ved'Lith will do anything to avoid combat, but she will do her best if is forced to it.
She is quite awkward in physical combat, but obviously passed her martial arts examinations. Ved'Lith does well with magic, as she is one of the best of her promotion.


A Young AcolyteEdit

Ved'Lith Meeren is a young woman by drow standards. She and her friend Briiza Ralochs have only been Acolytes for little more than a decade as of 2429 a.a.H. The two might have known each other well in the Academy.

Ved'Lith is involved in scholarly work in the University of Negeé.

Temple of DoomEdit

Ved'Lith was assigned as a sorceress to serve in the Temple of Doom during the tenure of the High Sorceress Selene Paen'Dhirra. During the events of the Dahl'Arak Coup, she would be captured by Achie Ach'hast as Senatorial forces overthrew the High Sorceress and captured the Temple of Doom. She was imprisoned during the brief civil war, it is not known how long her imprisonment lasted, as she was a sorceress assigned to the Temple of Doom, and as such, might have been looked upon with greater suspicion than just any Populist acolyte.

Current StatusEdit

Presentation of the thesis proyect by shabazik-d7dn8eh

Ved'Lith Meeren making her thesis presentation following the Dahl'Arak Coup. She was not afraid to use the new political environment to push her research project to approval

Ved'Lith's imprisonment does not seem to have been of great length. In 2429 a.a.H., or perhaps some time shortly later, it is known that Ved'Lith is free, still a student at the University, and is involved in a research project regarding magic use on the surface. How much her Populist family might have suffered for the civil war is unknown, but Ved'Lith remains an acolyte sorceress. She is not above using the current political climate to her advantage.

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Ved'Lith Meeren is a character of elfooscuro that has been set in Negeémiliel in Aiers.

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