Dryad girl by shabazik-d5g44mq

A dryad girl, "Frolicking! Yay!" A Mourlicoun, Verdennos elf

Green skinned elves, smallest sizes of the regular "true" elves, larger ears, usually peaceful, primitive societies. Often thought of as larger cousins of the Fairy due to their similarities, although the Fairy group are a primitive precursor race to Elfkind, and not so directly related to the Verdennos elfs despite their green skin and other shared similarities.


Smallest type of the six types of true elves, skin of various green hues. Largest ears proportionate to other elves of the six categories.

They are the type of elves of the regular six categories that have the highest affinity towards magic. They seem to use if for the maintenance of the bio-sphere of Aiers IV in the pre-modern "fantasy" era before the Great Cataclysm. See The Cataclysm.

The elves of this category all live very primitive lives, very often in deep forests or jungle settings, although they may be found anywhere on land where there is much rural nature.

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